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Serenity’s Favorite Food

Saturday, July 11th, 2009
The happy food dance! She loves spaghetti.

The happy food dance! She loves spaghetti.

Eating was definitely a big adventure of the first year!  Breast milk was the first major food of course.  After six weeks of trying to figure it out, Serenity and I got really good at nursing.  By six months, she liked nursing so much she completely refused bottles, so we finished out the rest of the year with milk straight from the source.  I was happy nursing went well, I really loved it.
Baby food was a lot of fun.  Serenity was definitely interested in trying new foods.  She would open her mouth so wide when she wanted bites!  She enjoyed the rice and oatmeal, but her first favorite was definitely fruit!  She loved every single type of baby food fruit, although bananas were not as exciting from the jar.  She had to learn to like most of the veggies, but we stuck with it for at least 8 tries, and she learned to eat all of them, even green beans, which are now a big favorite!    The funniest early feeding moment was definitely when we gave her mango.  It was so tart her lips puckered into a fish face.  I kept feeding it to her and it happened every time.  She did like it though, she ate the whole jar.

The first real solid finger foods Serenity got to try were Puffs.  She loves them, and now asks for them by name!  Serenity has been eating pretty much everything we eat since about 9 months.  She’s been off baby food since 10 months.  Her favorites now are spaghetti, especially the meat sauce, and any kind of fruit.  She says apple a lot, although sometimes it may just mean I want food! And she asks for “na na” which are bananas.   She used to be a very neat eater when she let me feed her, but now she wants to do it all herself.  And now, when she’s done eating, she starts dropping her food off the tray which gets very messy.  I try to say “don’t drop it.”  And she repeats “drop it! drop it!” and continues to do it anyway.  Serenity also says bite, and drink, and cup.  She loves to drink out of the grownups cups, and will insist on getting whatever is in the “cup.”  She still enjoys puffs, whole grain goldfish, and whole grain animal crackers.  For the most part though she’ll eat anything we eat, although it took 8 tries to get her to eat more than one bite of egg. =)  Oh, and she knows when I blow on things they are hot.  She’ll say hot, and sometimes say blow.  =)

When she really likes her food, she’ll wave her arms in a happy dance and say mmm yumm or nummm.  She also likes to do the wave.  Jennie taught her if she waves her hands in the air, other people will follow her lead.  And now Eric, Grandpa and I all do it every time.  Once, Rosario didn’t raise her hands in the air, and Serenity gave her a very dirty look.  =)

For the most part, we’ve avoided sugar.  We are getting a bit more lax as her first birthday approaches.  My sister gave her a big bite of whipped cream, and I let her try a little homemade ice cream at Father’s Day.  She LOVED both of course, so she may have inherited a sweet tooth =)  We’ll see how she likes her first taste of cake soon!

She looks like an oompaloompa =)

She looks like an oompaloompa =)


The first bite of "solid" food!


Oh, and in a list of things she’s eaten that she shouldn’t have:  lots of dandelions (usually the dried ones that already lost their fluff), one dead roly poly, lots of paper, playing cards, and she has managed to suck on several rocks.

Serenity’s Favorite Toys =)

Friday, July 10th, 2009

1.) Keys to her Yookidoo (An instant hit!  Mimi gave her the Yookidoo for Christmas because she thought she’d get a lot of use from it, and it’s so true.  She’s just starting to roll the balls down the ramp herself, but she’s enjoyed it at every stage, from shaking the keys and the balls, to pulling up on it, to playing with the toys on it, to now!  And she still has fun to look forward to when she actually learns to use the keys!)

2.) Water Bottles (this was Grandma Diane’s idea at Christmas.  She gave her an empty Sprite bottle and she seriously played with it more than any of her toys.)

3.) Jumperoo (Grandpa got this for her during his October visit, and it got a lot of use!  Once she could walk on her own she didn’t want to be confined in it, but now that I’ve taken it apart she climbs in the toy part and plays with the toys still!)

4.) Spoons (I have spoons from Yogurtland that we brought with us to Oklahoma.  She loves them so much =)

5.) Shape Sorter (Still mostly a chew toy)

6.) Rock N Stack (she loves to carry a ring in each hand!)

7.) Toy of Death/Skwish (This is the first toy she really learned to grab, and of course it went straight in her mouth!)

8.) Shoes (Auntie Marilyn gave her her first pair of shoes for Christmas, and she put them straight in her mouth. =)

9.) Playing Cards (Farfar gave Serenity playing cards for Christmas… she loves them and it comes in very handy for preventing her from eating the cards we’re actually playing with.)

10.) Butterfly (This butterfly is her car toy.  It makes music and has crinkly wings, and it was a lifesaver more than once in her anti-car days)

11.) Hay the Horse (An early favorite =)  Easy to grab, rattle noise, and now it’s a farm animal which is perfect for her!)

12.) Mickey Mouse Cup

13.) Frog Rattle

14.) Little People Farm Animals (I think it’s so cute that she can name farm animals and their noises.  She even said a little sentence, Cow Go Moo.

15.) Hats (bowls)

16.) Cali Girl (her first doll)

17.) Yookidoo (balls/dome)

18.) Maracas

19.) Fish she tore off her mobile (she carries it around by the little string. )

20.) Noisy books (jungle rumble, v-tech)

21.) Oball

22.) Taggies Ball

23.) Soft Baby Einstein Blocks

24.) Scarves

25.) Puppets (Azul, Curious George, Farm Puppets)

Remote Control (Also should be pretty high, maybe 18.5)

Ducks!! (I can’t believe I forgot these!  It should go up high in the list.  But I talk about it during her favorite activities so it’s fixed now =)

“Credit Card” (This is a gift card my Dad gave her for Christmas.  We used it but kept the card, and she carries it around and chews on it =)

Serenity love her Little People farm animals!

Serenity love her Little People farm animals!




Yookidoo Keys!!!  Christmas present from Mimi

Yookidoo Keys!!! Christmas present from Mimi

The rings on the Rock N Stack are all OFF!  Success! =)

The rings on the Rock N Stack are all OFF! Success! =)

Serenity is One Year Old!!!

Thursday, July 9th, 2009
Ann sent Serenity this cute dress so we did a photoshoot!

Ann sent Serenity this cute dress so we did a photoshoot!

Serenity Month 12!

Serenity is a real chatterbox!  She loves to talk and has started just naming the things she knows as she sees them, like all the animals and their sounds (including the newest one, cat… meow!)  and things like door and drink.  They aren’t all perfectly clear, drink is more like dink, but some things are surprisingly easy to understand.  And of course those of us that hear her every day can make out more of what she’s trying to say.  She asks clearly for bites now.  Like at Jennifer’s party today she asked for bites of my ice cream very enthusiastically. =)  Jennifer said she definitely got her great-grandmother Mimi’s ice cream genes.  She bounced on her toes for every bite, and then Jen gave her a little bowl!  She was VERY fond of Jennifer after that =)


She memorized another book, Happy Baby, which is filled of photos with different emotions.  She says “happy!”  and “aww” for sad.  And she gives a little scream on the angry baby page.  She says shy and dips her head to the side with this coy little smile.  she flips right past sleepy, I don’t think she wants to think about sleepy time =)  Messy and silly just get big smiles.

She still loves to play outside.  Picking dandelions is her favorite activity.  She especially likes the ones that are fuzzy or have already lost their fluff.  We got out the sprinkler and tried to teach her to run through it.  She thought it was a bizarre concept at first, she kept picking dandelions and staring at her silly and wet parents.  The dandelions she wanted most though were near the sprinkler, so she braved water in her face to pick the dandelion and then ran away =) Eventually though she found out it was neat to walk near the water and wave her hands back and forth to splash the water around.  =)  We’ll try it again, if nothing else Eric and I had a blast.  She does love her hippo pool, and is getting very good at climbing in and out on her own.  Grandpa set up the slide to go right in the pool, and that is even more fun!


She is sleeping on her own and through the night again!  Eric braved letting her cry it out, and after the first day of 20 minutes, 30 minutes, and then 40 minutes of crying, it seems that Serenity learned to fall asleep on her own!  It was right at 11 months when she started.  It’s been two weeks now and we are both comfortable just telling her sweet dreams and letting her cry a little as we leave.  Often she’ll quiet down as soon as we shut the door, which is a relief.  It was funny though, one morning Dad thought she was acting sleepy, and he asked her if she was getting sleepy, and she said “no nigh nigh!”  She didn’t want him to think it was night night time =)

She is becoming attached to her pacifiers.  She used to call them Perrrs but she’s trying to put the rest of the syllables in now sometimes.  This morning she walked around with one in her mouth and one in each hand.

We plan to show Serenity the dvd of books read by her lovely friends and family in celebration of her actual birthday!  I’m so excited about this.  We gave her a preview of Auntie Joyce’s video and she was fascinated.    But more about this after she really sees it =)

We do spend some time in the yard every day, usually in the early morning or late afternoon when it’s not so hot.  She loves her hippo pool, and she loves sliding!  Two days ago (6/29) she figured out how to slide alone!  I helped her climb the steps (her knees get in the way because the stairs are narrow on her slide.)  But when she got to the top, she swung her leg right over and slid right down alone!  Yay!  Grandpa built a cushion for her to land on at the base of the slide =)  She loves opening and shutting the doors and windows of her play house.  Picking dandelions and clover is still the favorite activity, although trying to eat rocks may be a close second =)

She is still a very snuggly baby =)  She’ll rest her head on my shoulder when I carry her, or snuggle up to rock and read books.  She has started carrying books over to someone when she wants them to read to her =)  It’s nice because now I don’t always sit in the floor with her pile of books, she picks one and brings it to me.


Serenity learned to climb up on the couch on her own.  She uses a footstool for a boost and climbs up, walks to the other end, and slides off.  Then it’s back to the other side to do it again!  I think it’s amazing that I actually let her do it and just warn her to sit down before she tries to walk right off the couch.  Lucky for us Grandpa has carpet.

We got to babysit Carson and Raegan!  Serenity loves visiting them!

We got to babysit Carson and Raegan! Serenity loves visiting them!

Helping Grandpa fix oatmeal.  Dad plays with her in the morning while I get ready a lot!

Helping Grandpa fix oatmeal. Dad plays with her in the morning while I get ready a lot!

Playing at Grandma's house!  She got a nifty new playground set and set up a new playroom for the grandkids.

Playing at Grandma's house! She got a nifty new playground set and set up a new playroom for the grandkids.