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Mom’s 60th birthday

Sunday, July 27th, 2003

Jen and I spent a lot of time thinking about Mom’s birthday. All the kids wanted to make this one very special for her. With a lot of input from everyone, we came up with an Oscars theme for the party. We had her favorite Mexican food, and some very funny awards! Everyone had such a good time, and afterwards, we had a fun session of Mexican Train.

We also got to go to Texas for Mimi’s 85th Birthday. Almost the whole family made it, so it was just perfect! There are more great pictures from both Mimi’s birthday and Mom’s birthday, but they’re on Jen’s website and I’ll have to find them later.

Playing with Oklahoma Family

Sunday, July 27th, 2003

Visiting my dad in Tahlequah is always lots of fun. We play lots of Upwords and Rummikub. Eric came down with my some of the time, so Dad and I got some fresh comptetition. And if we also get to have fried potatoes and pies, that’s even better.

Mom’s newest game addiction is Mexican Train(a domino game). She’s tried to get all of us to play it with her, and so we’ve had some very fun and crazy nights where we played Mexican Train till midnight. We’ve had Mike and Kelly over a few times for dinner and domino’s.

Occasionally David and Jana let the kids come over to spend the night. Eric got to go to a Drillers game with all four of them one day. KaLynn and Alek got sewing lessons once when they spent the night. Eric and Alek enjoy playing chess together, and KaLynn and I like to color.

Outdoor Stuff

Sunday, July 27th, 2003

Andrea and Chrissie got new scooters, but we share with Eric some. We’ve also started playing some basketball. Eric finally found someone to play real badminton with. Some other favorites of ours are croquet and wiffle ball. Eric’s constant wish is to play baseball though.