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Tuesday, July 27th, 2004

Scrapbooking is still one of my favorite projects! I spent a lot of time putting all of my mother’s pictures into scrapbooks for her. It took a while, and ended up being three scrapbooks so far. I’ve done up to around 2000. So I’m almost caught up! I took a little break after finishing all that, so my personal scrapbook has gotten a bit behind. I need my sister to scrapbook with me! Here are some of my favorite layouts. If you ever want to scrapbook, or want me to scrapbook for you, let me know.


Tuesday, July 27th, 2004

After Veronica expressed an interest in playing the computer game Neverwinter Nights, Eric started up a Wednesday night Neverwinter Nights night. Originally consisting of Andrew, Eddie, Veronica, and myself, it soon added Jack, Ken, and Gavin. As Gavin and I were in Oklahoma when this began the name of the yahoo group was called CaOkGames. The Califonia contingent soon gravitated to Jack and Patricia’s place on Wednesday nights where they were served food by Patricia so they could start promptly at 7:00 PST and not become malnourished. Soon after we moved out to California the dinner portion of the night became a bigger deal and had its own hour timeslot. And the games played have varied from just NWN. Also people come by who are not game players that just “Hang Out”, the combination of NWN and HO has turned the group into the newenhoe group. Chrissie is a HO.

24 Hour Fitness

Tuesday, July 27th, 2004

I joined 24 Hour Fitness after I moved to California. I signed up for personal training sessions with Dennis. He is awesome! I have lost several pounds, and definitely slimmed up. My favorite thing is that I can see such progress in everything we do. I can do more cardio than before, and I can lift heavier weights, do many tricky balancing things with the yoga ball, and am generally in much better shape. I really love working out like this. Thank you Dennis!