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Fantasy Football

Sunday, July 30th, 2006
    The league Eric and John were in last year started out promisingly, and only took a turn for the worse when Priest Holmes had a season ending injury.  Once again John was dependent on Tiki and Donovan for all his production, and the wide receivers did nada, zero, zip!  In Eric’s league he might have come up with the steal of the draft in Carson Palmer.  That, and his previous years keeper Lamont Jordan made for an excellent tandem.  If only his first and second round pics Julius and Kevin Jones could have done anything, he might have made the playoffs.  As it was, he ended up fifth, just outside the playoff picture. 

Return of Heroes

Sunday, July 30th, 2006
Eric got Return of Heroes for his birthday.  Return of Heroes is the author’s attempt to combine a game with a story.  It’s a very rich game that makes you feel like you are in a fantasy setting.  You take the role of either Sorceress, Elf, Dwarf, Fighter, or Cleric, and attempt to defeat the “nameless one” (one of several different bad guys).  You must complete story-like quests, and defeat villains, (using dice rolls).  You can improve your skills and collect items to help you.  Chrissie thinks it’s fun just to play, even if you don’t win, you still feel like a winner when you complete your personal quests! 


Sunday, July 30th, 2006
Password is based off an old t.v. show of the same name.  The object is to get your partner to guess the “password” with the clue of a single word.   If your partner is unsuccessfull, then the opponents get a chance to say a single word clue.  It is a very fun and challenging game, although it is not for those that don’t want a quiet game.  It can be a little slow, and a time limit is suggested. 

Chrissie’s favorite password memory of late is when she gave the clue “hidden” to her partner Patricia, and she got “camouflage” on the first try!  Ten points!! Woo Hoo!  Eric’s favorite, was also when he was partnered with Patricia (sensing a pattern here?)  He, in a sing-song voice, said the word “Noel” and she correctly identified “carol” as the password.