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Update February 2007

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007
Hi everyone!  Our website was WAY out of date.  Anyway, here’s the abbreviated version of what we’ve done the last two months since the birthday.  If you want more details, e-mail me and I’ll post more about anything!

Kingdom of Loathing
Crazy name.  Good online game.  It’s hilarious!  Basically you are an adventurer, and you click through this world fighting random things like scary clowns and other silly things.  I’m a pastamancer.  That means I make noodles magically appear.  Yes, I am a Spaghetti sorceror!  It’s perfect for me! 

End of February
I got a promotion at work!  I’m consulting with Brides on my own now.  I love it!  I’ve planned a few weddings for friends, which was wonderful, and now I get to do it all the time!  I really like my job!

Last weekend we had a particularly wonderful wedding.  We built these new trees out of manzanita and they are so cool.  We decorated them with crystals and lots of orchids.  They had long tables, which I love because then you can do a whole lot of containers and such all down the row. I just think it’s fun and different!  Anyway, here are the trees =)  The second picture is a bouquet I got to make for a bridal fair we had this weekend.  I love monkey tail!  And it’s too bad those anenome are so seasonal.  They are very cool. 

Little Later in February
Marilyn finished her quilt!  My first quilting class is finally successfully concluded.  She and Andrew hand quilted the entire thing, and it looks great.  I still say it would have been quicker if they’d learned to use a rocking stitch but since it’s done we won’t worry about it! It is beautiful!

February 2007
Patricia’s Birthday =)
Patricia had a chocolate themed party this year.  We went to San Francisco and Oakland and had chocolate everywhere we went!  We went to Scharffenberger’s where we learned that chocolate tasting can be as complicated as wine tasting.  There was a lot of dark chocolate, which isn’t my favorite, but it was extremely good dark chocolate so it was fun to try!

Later in January 2007
Epic Duels Party!
The third annual Epic Duels party was a big success!  We added in a few new decks, Bultar Swan and Qui-Gon, which everyone liked.  I think next  year we may add even more.  Eric was Darth Maul again, and he redeemed his stats from the abysmal scores he got last year =)  He actually got to the finals for once!  I played Yoda.  Turns out I don’t know that much about Yoda.  Eric always chooses him before I can.  He’s fun though!  You just have to remember a 3/3 is an attack card for Yoda! 

I guess this is a good point to add that Eric and I are once again the reigning Epic Duels Champions of the WORLD.  We played in a 2 on 2 online tournament.  This tournament was especially good as they added a bunch of decks that we’d never played with, so it was a real challenge.  Our first two games were real nailbiters.  At one point, our guys had 4, 3, 2, and 1 life respectively.  I know, exciting isn’t it? 😉 

January 2007
Since I’m trying to tell a little bit about everything, I’ll share the new game Eddie brought to us in January.  Cup Stacking.  Yes, you might mock it, thinking who would pay for regulation cup stacking cups.  But I tell you this, the game is addictive.  Not quite as addictive as Dota perhaps, but really fun.  You race to set up the cups in pyramids and take them down.  And yes, there are rules.  And World Records, which I will never come close to.  I can beat Eric on occasion however, although I think right now his best time beats mine, I am more consistent.  And yes, we did play enough for us to know that =)

Christmas 2006
We enjoyed lots of Christmas this year!  We started things off with a party at our apartment, where we gave out presents to our friends here.  We made picture frames for everyone here, which everyone liked except Juan.  When he opened his up, he was looking at the back, and he kept looking at his, and then looking at everyone else’s, thinking he got gypped.  He liked the front considerably better =) 

Jack and Patricia gave us Turbo Cranium, which is significantly better than normal cranium.  It makes you do Gnilleps as a team, which makes it much harder.  And they changed the one where you act like a famous person and can say anything to just giving three clues, which is good because that one was way too easy.  And they added Zooma which is just fun.  You have to figure out what these pictures that are zoomed in are.  The best is the puppet show.  One team member manipulates anothers arms and legs to act out the clue.  HILARIOUS! 

Tulsa Christmas
Our next Christmas was in Tulsa =)  We went to Dad’s where I FINALLY got to meet Tiffany, my brother Jason’s girlfriend.  And, just like everyone had said, she is wonderful =)  She also loves to play games, so we got along very well.  We had an amazing time with Dad, playing all sorts of games.  I think Jason and I were a little surprised to discover just how good Dad is at Turbo Cranium.  I think Dad was surprised at how much he enjoyed it too!  It was so much fun!  Ok, now I sound like an ad for the game, so I’ll move on. 

Barrett’s Birthday
Barrett is one year old!  He’s so big already =)  He didn’t like the cake from the grocery store that much, but he liked chocolate sheet cake! 

Raegan is such a cutie =)  She’s more shy than Barrett, but once she gets to know you she talks in full paragraphs.  It’s still sort of a foreign language that she’s speaking though.  Michael thinks it’s Korean I believe, but none of us are sure.  Every now and then she uses an English word though =)  She also dances!  Yes, I spent a lot of time with my new camera taking movies of her doing that.  It’s so cute!
Image  The day Barrett, Casey, Jen, Eric and I spent at her house, we had a lot of fun with her new musical instruments.

Stroud Christmas
Christmas in Stroud was the usual wonderful chaos that I love =)  All my brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews were there.  It was great!  Mom’s new kitchen is wonderful for entertaining, and we got full use out of it.  We played a lot of Apples to Apples, croquet (even though we nearly froze!) and Imaginiff.


We gave Mimi a photo quilt for Christmas that she loves!

Croquet! Brr.

Norman Christmas
We got to have a Christmas in Norman too!  It was fun seeing everybody!  We stayed with Gavin and Jennie, but we also got to see Jessie, Scott and Baby Nate, and Tom and Emily and Summer.  Jessie’s sister Jackie got married, so we made some bouquets and boutonnieres.  Jessie’s Mom was very nice to share Nate with me occasionally. 

Gavin and Jennie gave us an awesome new game based on the webcomic we love, OOTS.  For those of you who don’t know, OOTS stands for Order of the Stick.  The comic is hilarious, especially for those of us who have played dnd.  We have a link to it in our links section.  I’m too busy typing to look it up right now.  If I stop I’ll never finish this update =)  Anyway, the game is FUN, even if it is sometimes a bit long.  It doesn’t have to be if you are working together, but if you’re too competitive, it can be extremely long =) 

California Christmas
Our next Christmas was in California!  It actually happened on New Years Eve.  Tina came into town from Colorado!  It was so great to get to visit with her!.  Santa brought me a 2gb memory card for my new camera, which came in very handy as I filled my memory card up with over 700 pictures during Christmas!  That’s a lot of pictures.  It took me so long to sort them out I still haven’t scrapbooked them =)  Don’t worry, I will though! 

December 2006
I can’t believe I never finished the update for Eric’s birthday!  Bad Chrissie!  And I choose to blame Gavin for not complaining =) 

After Pho, Eric got to play online games with a bunch of his friends!  Thanks to Eddie and his Dota game, which Eric has been playing ever since.  He’s completely addicted, and so is just about every guy I know =)  After Dota, they went rock climbing and then came back to our apartment where we surprised him with a Rice Krispie Chessboard!  The black squares are made with Cocoa Krispies!  It was so fun, and he and Jack actually played.  Eric didn’t win, at least partially because he actually ate all the pieces he took =) 

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