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The baby has a library!!!

Thursday, April 10th, 2008
I am so excited!  Eric and I finally hung the shelf that I built with Dad in Oklahoma, and I put all the baby’s books on it!  It’s so beautiful!!!  And I just love my reading corner =)  My chair is SO comfortable!  I like rocking the baby already =)
I was so excited I went to to catalog all the baby’s books!  If you wanna see all the books she has, it’s at  This is a very cool website.  I haven’t made much of a dent in my own library so far, but hers is all done! 

Also in nursery news, I finished my paintings!!!  Big thanks to Jack who drew the picture I copied for X =)  I think the x-men are so cute like that =)  And this way we got to have them all on there!  So far one person has gotten all but one letter.  I couldn’t believe he got I right!  So let me know if you can top his score =)   Thanks to everyone who sent in ideas for storybook characters!  And to Bobby for helping me find a bunch of coloring pages =)  If you can think of any other fun storybook projects for me to do, let me know because I’m running a little low on projects 😉