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We’re growing! =)

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008
Less than a month until the baby’s due date!  We are so excited!!! =)  Everything is still going very well.  I really don’t think she’s in any hurry to be born, and that’s ok with me =) She’s still pretty high.  ( Of course, it never really occurred to me until Juan guessed my due date to be June 21st that she could come early, I’ve had it so stuck in my head that she’ll be a little late)   I don’t feel uncomfortable or too bulky yet… so I don’t feel like she could possibly be ready to come =)  My feet aren’t even swollen… I am just incredibly lucky with everything.  I have weekly doctor visits now, and he says we both look perfectly healthy.  As of next week, she’s allowed to come whenever she wants and they won’t stop labor! 
 I’ve gotten all the necessary stuff ready for the baby… the crib is all made, her clothes are all washed, and we have diapers, so all the important stuff is ready.  I keep thinking of more projects to keep me busy though.  This week is scrapbooking.  I’ve gotten my scrapbook up to date, I’m starting her scrapbook, and I’m finishing Eric’s childhood pictures… Then I have a couple sewing projects, and some more unfinished projects I plan to finish or trash.  If I finish all those, I’ll have to think of some more =)
I thought I’d share the progression of growth =)  I am starting to get really big now!  It’s so exciting! =)  
Image  38 Weeks… I’m dilated to 1cm!  Yay!   The doctor says everything looks good!!! =)  Progress is exciting!
 ImageImage 37 Weeks… Do you think she dropped a little?
Image 36 Weeks
ImageImage35 Weeks
ImageImage28 and 32 weeks

Baby Gifts

Friday, June 6th, 2008
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Friday, 06 June 2008
It is a wonderful year for babies!  I’ve gotten to do SO many projects =)  My most recent two were for my friends Jessie and Scott, and Brian and Linh.  Jessie’s due about a week after me, the 14th, so we could easily have our babies the same day!  They wanted a Kangaroo theme for their nursery, so I made them a kangaroo baby quilt, and some little kangaroos for their mobile.  It was a lot of fun, I had to mostly design it all myself since kangaroo stuff is not widely available. 
For Brian and Linh, they didn’t have any idea what colors they wanted… and I really wanted to make something for their baby before my baby comes and I have limited sewing time!  So I went ahead and just found cute stuff I liked… hopefully they like it too =)  I found a fuzzy butterfly, and that got me started… I couldn’t resist including the sweet strawberry fabric  😉