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Check out what Serenity can do!

Monday, September 15th, 2008
Serenity has such good head control!  This weekend she suddenly started lifting her whole chest up when she’s in tummy time!  I can get a picture of her whole face!  It’s so exciting.  Sometimes it even looks like she’s doing pushups on her hands =)  And she rolls really fast now =)   ImageImage

And here’s a cute smile picture =)  That I edited in my new adobe photoshop elements!  Woo hoo!

Serenity got a package in the mail from Allie Hopper… it was the “My Dad is a Geek” onesie!  Nate, Allie, Brendan and Meghan had all worn it in pictures, so they wanted to share it with Serenity.  We sent it on to Samantha Vo =)
Image Image

Serenity is two months old!

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008
Serenity is two months old! We went to the doctor this morning and she is up to 11.7 pounds and 23.75 inches!  She’s grown so much!  She has actually started to grow out of things.  I’ve put away her smallest white onesies that we got at her shower.  I’m happy that she got to wear them all at least!  It’s exciting that she’s growing, but a little sad too!  It really happens so fast =)  She’s starting to outgrow her little socks that look like Mary Jane’s, and I will really miss those.    She got shots as well this morning.  She wailed, of course, but she stopped about a minute after I picked her up, and then she fell asleep.  We’ll see how the rest of the day goes! Below are pics from the last two weeks and my journaling notes =)
 We did a little photo shoot in one of her cute dresses. Red and White polka dots ironically…  She’s such a happy smiley girl!  Mornings are her favorite times, her first two play sessions of the day are the longest and most energetic =)  She’s so cute and wiggly! She rolled three times in a row one morning!  She’s really getting good at that.  And her head is very stable when I hold her.  At six weeks she was doing very well with it, but now I don’t even really have to put a hand behind her back to keep her steady.  She’s so strong! 
I love watching Serenity sleep.  She has this way of relaxing her hands to where the fingers are all splayed out that is so cute.  And her little mouth has a crease in the bottom lip that makes it look like a bow.  And when she stretches she tilts her head really far back and it makes her feel like a little ball.  Her eyelashes are even longer and I think they’re starting to curl a little.  Juan said he thought she was looking more like me.  I still just see Serenity though.  
She’s starting to drool… it’s an interesting addition to all the spit up =)  She makes bubbles though that are very funny. 
 She’s getting really interested in her toys.  The crazy shaped one that has the wooden balls and bars held her attention for a good fifteen minutes, just following it with her eyes as I moved it around or jingled it.  She also watches closely when we sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider and Twinkle Twinkle with hand motions. 
Eric has gotten her to sleep in the stroller!  It was a very impressive feat.  =)  I still am cherishing all the time sleeping with her in the chair… although it may be spoiling ME!  I couldn’t fall asleep in my bed the other night!  It may just have been all the wedding stuff running through my head though. 
She’s started looking at her walls!!  Sometimes when she’s nursing, she’ll take a break and she stares right at her wall bookshelf!  And this morning she was in her crib while I went to the restroom, and when I came back she was staring at her paintings!!  I’m so happy =)