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New Digi Scrapbook Page

Sunday, April 19th, 2009
Here’s my newest page! I learned how to invert color, how to make that overlay with the white letters, and how to make a compound shape! I’m really enjoying playing with this stuff!!! Image

Digital Scrapbooking with Photoshop

Saturday, April 18th, 2009
So if you’ve noticed my status lately, I’m considering converting at least partially to digital scrapbooking. After today, I might be hooked! I found a free template at Jessica Sprague’s website that Abbey sent me to once upon a time. Here’s what I made! And it was so easy, only 15 minutes to watch the video and make the page! I love it =) She also has lots of tutorials that teach you to edit photos. I did this all with freebies from her webpage. When we have income again, I totally want to take her photoshop classes. So much fun to be had!


Wednesday, April 15th, 2009
Easter! I was excited to make Serenity an Easter basket as soon as we got to Tulsa. I made myself wait so we didn’t have to move it =) I got a cute basket we can use every year from Target, and filled it with puffs, mango, a cute dress Jen found, a pez dispenser (to share with Daddy, I just liked the lamb) and a new bath book! Barnyard Bath! She loved the book and the puffs.
We got to go to Billie’s house to hunt for Easter eggs with Jen’s family. We had such a great time! Serenity didn’t even get a nap, but she didn’t seem to care. She was smiling at everyone. She got to eat with the rest of us. She ate two green beans and an entire dinner roll. Shows her priorities. =)
The boys were going nuts with excitement. Casey kept looking for eggs and peering out the windows. He ran over to me and told me to come look, he’d found one. He pointed out the window at this yellow thing, and then he said, “Oh, no, it has a stripe. It’s just a tennis ball.” =) Barrett and Casey both had fun playing with Serenity. She gave Casey another hug =) Serenity managed to find one egg. That was enough for her! She held on to it and walked around with it in her left hand while holding me with the right. She dropped it and the candy fell out, so we gave that to Barrett. She did get a treat though. My sister gave her an entire spoonful of whipped cream! She loved it! She reached right for the spoon and licked it all up.
Eric got to Tulsa Easter evening so he got to see her in her Easter dress and read her the new book!