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New Haircut =)

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

I actually went to a real salon =)  And you can tell the difference.  It took an hour and a half!  She put about six different products in my hair, blow dryed it, straightened it, just to make sure it was cut even.  Fortunately it looks fine still today, since I can’t be expected to put more than two in one shampoo on it =)  Bonus points if you can guess the movie star I copied 😉


Father’s Day Fun!

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

In celebration of Father’s Day we took new family pictures and special pictures of Serenity with her Daddy.  Serenity and I got Eric a new Justice League t-shirt, and I got Serenity a Wonder Woman shirt so they could match =)  We went into Dada’s room after I dressed her in her shirt and she gave him his shirt.  They are so cute!





Eric shared his Rice Krispie treat with her.  She definitely loved it.  She asked clearly for a bite and said please when he asked her to say please.  I’m sure she doesn’t know what please means but Eric knows she can say it now so he tried to get her to say please for everIMG_3565y bite =)

Outings with Serenity in Month Eleven =)

Friday, June 12th, 2009

More Zoo Trips
We went back to the Zoo two more times! Sunday mornings are a wonderful time at the zoo because we have it basically to ourselves. The last time the highlights were the raccoon and the kuku birds. The raccoon came right up to the glass and played peekaboo with Serenity. She’d put her finger on the glass, and then he put his paw up. And then she leaned over, and he followed her! The kuku bird is loose in the rainforest exhibit, and she got within inches of it. Of course, this made me too nervous to get a good picture. I was saying, uhh, Dad, can you get her a little further from that sharp beak? She was fascinated though and said “bir!” several times. Yes, she says bir instead of bird, just like Bambi 😉
Splash Park
We took her to the splash park in her adorable new swim suit! She wasn’t too sure about some of the faster sprays, but then she discovered this place where water bubbles up from the ground in fountains and she loved that! She said splash, splash! (She was probably repeating me as I kept encouraging her to splash. =) She wandered from spout to spout to see the water when it came up! It was very cute.

Serenity loves visiting Barrett and Casey! We have gotten to babysit several times, and she has gone over there a few times to play with her Aunt Jennifer too. Casey especially makes her giggle with his silly faces and noises. She can almost say his name, Casey. We try to encourage her by saying “Say Casey… Kuh, kuh, Casey.” Then Barrett wanted her to say his name and he said, “Say Barrett… Kuh, kuh, Barrett!!” Too cute =) Barrett loves Epic Duels. Whenever he comes over he asks Eric to get out all the guys so they can play. Barrett is the good guys, and Eric is all the bad people, which includes all the girls. We kept them overnight while Jen and Casey had their anniversary, and we had a blast! We went to two different parks, one with a creek and ducks to Serenity’s delight. It was tiring watching all three of them, especially when Barrett decided to switch playground equipment without telling us. Eric is now thinking maybe two would be enough children =) We’ll see! We had wonderful fun though, crossing the creek on the rocks, pointing out the ducks, swinging, sliding, and playing hopscotch. The next day we were watching Scooby Doo (Barrett’s current obsession). He decided he wanted to sit in my lap to watch, which was snuggly and great. Then Serenity joined us. Then Casey climbed in my lap! I loved it!! Although they barely fit, it was so much fun. The boys were great about watching out for Serenity, and they put away all the choking hazards in the playroom before we came over.
Barrett and Casey also took us bowling. Bumper bowling, which was a big thrill! I used to be really great at bumper bowling, which unfortunately does not translate to real bowling 😉 It was fun, and hopefully we’ll get to do it again!