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Serenity memorized her books!

Monday, June 8th, 2009

We discovered a few nights ago that Serenity has memorized a lot of her books! She was looking at her Rainbow Fish book, and I started quoting a line from another book she has, Squishy Turtle. “Little fish with shiny scales are fleeing from alarming whales.” I just said it because it seemed to apply to Rainbow Fish too, but Serenity looked at me, and then walked over to her book pile, pulled out Squishy Turtle, and backed into my lap for me to read it to her! Later Eric tried it with Gallop, Tumble Bumble, and Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs! Serenity went all the way from the bedroom to the office to find Dinosaurs, so not only did she know which book we were talking about, she remembered where we had last read it! It’s just amazing!


Serenity is 11 Months!!!

Monday, June 8th, 2009

I can hardly believe it! It’s just incredible how much has happened in the last eleven months. I went back to look at a few of her first pictures. She was so tiny! I know she’s still a little baby but every day she’s learning SO much! I can’t believe how much there is to share just in the last month, especially since I only did one small article on the Zoo in the last month! I did publish movies to phanfare but I have a lot to write about! So I may split this up into two updates. First of all, her nine month pictures! Serenity loves playing in the backyard, and the other day she was picking dandelions and clover in Grandpa’s yard. It was so cute I took a ton of pictures, here are my favorites!!



Eating them is also fun

Eating them is also fun

Month Eleven Update
Serenity is such a snuggly baby! She has started leaning her head against my shoulder when she is feeling cuddly or sleepy. It is so sweet! Her whole little body just melts against me. And sometimes she gives the sweetest smiles to people that are looking at her like she’s saying “I have my mama and all is right with the world.” =)
Serenity is talking so much now! My current favorite is UP!! She says it very clearly when she wants to be picked up, and it’s so sweet =) She’s also starting to know how to respond to things. When I say sheep, she says “baaa” and when I say cold she says “brrrr”. She’ll roar along with the tiger book. Her favorite game is the “hat” game. Serenity doesn’t like to wear hats, and she doesn’t want anyone else to wear one either. So we put anything on our heads and she looks at us, says “hat!” with a giggle and pulls it off =) It’s a lot of fun!
Serenity is talking so much more every day, it’s awesome. She calls my Dad “PaPa.” It’s sooo cute. She has him wrapped around her finger. In the last week he bought her a little kitchenette, a kiddie pool shaped like a hippo, and he built her a barn for her birthday party. (The pool has made her more adventurous in the tub, which is scary for Daddy as he’s in charge of bathtime) I got to help with the barn, and it’s turning out very cute! She also got a bunch of hand me down toys from Casey and Barrett, a toddler slide and a playhouse! It’s awesome being the younger sister =) She loves both things, and she asks to go down the slide repeatedly. She actually will say “Up!” and then she turns around and backs up to you so you can pick her up =) The backing thing is pretty cute too. She does that when she wants to sit in your lap for you to read her books, and she has even started to do that when I ask her to come to me for diaper time. She walks most of the way there, turns around and backs the rest of the way. Too funny! She loves to sit on things too. If we’re lying down, she’ll come over and sit on our stomachs like we’re her chair. And if the chair gets bouncy, that’s even more fun! It’s so interesting to watch her discover things like that that seem so simple, but they are a new achievement for her! I was amazed the first time she managed to pick something up while standing without having to sit down, and now she can squat and play for long periods of time!
She loves to go upside down now. Her daddy swings her around and she gets the biggest smiles! And then when he thinks they are done, she’ll start doing backbends and trying to go upside down even more!
I got her animal puppets and the first time I sang old MacDonald with them she laughed and danced like it was the silliest thing she’d ever seen. She does this little dance, stomping her right foot mainly. It’s very cute! She does it for barnyard dance and the hamster card too! She still really loves farm animals. She can even answer questions about them! If you ask her what a sheep says, she will say “baa!” And she does chickens fairly regularly, and quack of course!

She walks steadily now. The only time she wobbles is when she gets sleepy. If she looks like a drunken sailor, we know it’s naptime =)

Hands up! Jennie taught Serenity to do the wave, and she’s discovered if she lifts her hands in the air, everyone will follow her. At least Grandpa, Mama and Dada always do. We were having dinner with Rosario and she didn’t know she was supposed to do the wave. Rosario didn’t do it and she got a dirty look from Serenity.

She waves goodbye to me every time I go to work, and she’s still so excited when I get home.

She’s in 12 month clothes already, and all the nine month stuff is really too small. Ann and Tina sent her some adorable new summer clothes and pajamas! I also found some things on sale at Kohls. I bought her this orange outfit because I thought Jack would like it =) And it’s very cute isn’t it!
Mattress. We have a mattress leaning up against the closet in the bedroom to block it as it doesn’t have a door, and Serenity sometimes runs up to it and bounces off, or leans against it and slides down. She’s definitely her father’s daughter.

Nooo baby food. She want to share whatever we’re eating. Her favorite is definitely spaghetti. And she’s also definitely a carnivore. She loves hamburger meat and chicken and turkey. Really, she at least tries everything I put in front of her, except for eggs. She just ignores those. I have no idea why!

She won’t go from me to other people except Dada, but she’ll go from Dada to just about anyone. She’s still very friendly and smiley with everyone.

Her hair keeps growing, and it’s so curly in the back! I love it, I hope she keeps the curl =) IMG_3380