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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sunday, February 14th, 2010


Serenity’s Valentine!  I saw a fun Valentine activity online that Eric and I decided to do with Serenity.  We cut out hearts in red and pink paper, and wrote names of people that love Serenity on them.  (Just a few, we certainly couldn’t have done all of them =)  We made a little path so she could find them as she came downstairs in the morning, and they led her to her Valentine, a little red heart full of Skittles (they have an S for Serenity on them, which she loved!) She liked sorting her Skittles into the appropriately colored bowl.  We didn’t have purple so we gave them to her purple horse.    She enjoyed playing with the hearts, and later would run and find the one that said Mama, Daddy, Papa, and Tina when I asked for them.  She could recognize those names!  =)

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

valentine2010 copy

Serenity is 19 Months Old… and I forgot to post!!

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Whoops! I blame Valentine’s Day. =)  Here are pictures of Serenity from 19 months, and a brief update since I did a bunch of stories last week.  Here she is wearing her new green corduroy dress, with the bear I dressed in matching overalls.  I made the dress and bear because she just loves her Corduroy books =)  IMG_8579



Today we went to Toys R Us to spend some of the gift card Papa got us for Christmas.  Serenity loved running up and down the aisles looking at all the stuff!  She played for a long time with the big display of personalized cups.  I am afraid, even with both Mama and Daddy trying to prevent it, the cups were in extreme disarray by the time we left.  We got big Legos, a t-ball set, a new Tag Jr. book, and Serenity’s first board game!!!!  So exciting!!  Thanks Papa!  Serenity loves all the toys, and has spent a lot of time playing with them.  We tried to actually play the board game, and while Serenity can answer the Pig questions about matching lowercase and uppercase letters, and the Princess Presto questions about spelling, she doesn’t really get the concept of leaving the figurines where they are to mark your place =)  Daddy tried to explain but eventually realized she wanted to match the characters with their spots on the board, putting Wonder Red on the matching Wonder Red spot.  She made up her own game =)  It’s really cute to watch Eric try to teach Serenity the right way to use her toys… he insists that she have two hands on the bat for example, and to take care of her game and keep the pieces together.  I think it’s so great!


It’s been a crazy work week for me with the holiday, so Serenity has spent time with Aunt Jennifer, Grandma, and Papa.  She’s had fun every day!  She wowed Jennifer and Casey with her ability to read a few words.  Barrett tried to teach her a little Chinese.  “Say Neehao Serenity!  Nee hao!”  Serenity: “Meow”  At Grandma’s house they were watching Super Why together, and Mom told Serenity she had pigs when she saw Alpha Pig.  So Serenity got all the barnyard animals lined up to watch Super Why with her, and eventually the dolls too!

Photoshopping =)

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

I started another photoshop online class, and here are some of the pages I’ve made so far!  I just love it, it’s such fun! =)

rockon copy

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rockingphotoshop1b copy