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December 28th: Doctor

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Today was all about the new baby =) I had a doctor appointment, and I was really wishing that I’d get to schedule the ultrasound to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl. Even though everyone thinks he’s a boy, I still want to be certain! Unfortunately, my new doctor prefers to wait until 22 weeks to do the ultrasound! So it is scheduled, but not for another entire month! January 24th is the day we find out. The appointment went well though, the heartbeat was great, and it was lovely to hear it again. I didn’t hear any bad comments about weight or blood pressure so I choose to assume that’s going acceptably as well. I’m definitely feeling the baby more, sometimes wiggling around and sometimes just feeling for sure that there is something in there. I’m growing out of my clothes much quicker this time, although that’s partially because my transition clothes are all worn out to begin with. I went through and tossed out all the clothes that were worn out or tacky looking, which means I’m going to have to start wearing my maternity clothes whether they are weather appropriate or not! =)

Serenity stayed with Mom, Carson and Raegan during my appointment. Carson saved a brand new Scooby Doo dvd to watch with her. That is so sweet as Scooby Doo is about his favorite thing, and waiting’s not easy!

Eric and I finished up our little Epic Duels match. He beat me in the finals with Vader and Jango versus Dooku and my Ewoks. The Ewoks did well I thought considering Vader is their biggest challenge!

December 27th: Piano =)

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Today I’m feeling an organizational mood coming on =) I made long lists of goals for the house, for Serenity, me, and Eric. My goals for Serenity are to get her in swimming lessons and maybe something like gymnastics, and to say goodbye to pacis. Goals for myself include getting back into the scrapbook mode, finding some sort of exercise, possibly prenatal yoga because I’m in such terrible shape, and several other things. And the list for the house is the longest, beginning with adding a bedroom and fixing my water heater. =) So mostly today I’m playing with Serenity, doing a little crafting, and cleaning out anything we don’t use. =) In my pajamas! It’s a great great day =)

Serenity and I had a fun time singing. Her biggest present for Christmas was a music player. She really loves music and Eric and I rarely think to put it on, so I wanted her to have a way to start it herself. She was thrilled to find Laurie Berkner and lots of her Christmas favorites on it. =) She also sat at the piano again and sang Joy to the World with me while I played. It was so much fun that she loves to sing carols with me and listen to the piano. =) We’ve done it several times this holiday and it’s one of my favorite memories. =)

December 26th: Fish Zoo and a Duel or two

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Well, I left my brain and my camera behind again, so I don’t think I got any pictures of today! It was a lovely, laid back sort of morning. We played with Serenity’s new Christmas toys, Eric and I started a gigantic Epic Duels match, and we just enjoyed ourselves. Serenity wanted to open the paper bag puppet kit she got from her Aunt Jana, so we started with some crafting. She loved it! It involved using a glue stick to add punch out pieces like the eyes and arms, and stickers to decorate. It was fun seeing how she likes to place her stickers, there is such a system. For the cow, she put down big black stickers, and then piled medium and small ones on top so she ended up with a big black spot instead of lots of little ones. =) She made patterns in her lion stickers, big orange next to a little red in a straight line. Anyway, when we were done she realized there were three puppets and three people, so she wore her cow puppet, gave Daddy the frog, and Mama the lion. We all danced around and made our animal sounds, and then she sang Old MacDonald all by herself for her cow. It’s fun that she’s really starting to sing whole songs instead of just filling in lyrics for us =)

Later in the day, I went to a movie and dinner with Mom and Dave’s family, while Serenity and Eric had an afternoon together at the fish zoo and the park. Apparently she loved all the Christmas trees at the aquarium and she had to smell every poinsettia plant they had. =) They had a blast, and Serenity learned a new dance to Harry Belafonte. Shake Senora! Eric and I continued our Epic Duels. So far he’s won two games, and picked Lando and Luke to go to the finals, and I’ve won two, picking Dooku and the Ewoks to go on.