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New Favorite Pic =)

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

We had an awesome day today! We went to the Tulsa Children’s Museum and had a blast! They had cool activities like bridge building, binoculars, and lots of different imaginative play. And when we went outside I got a great pic of Eric and Serenity! Fantastico!


And some more fun ones =)

Serenity’s March 2011 Update

Monday, March 7th, 2011

I’m not sure why I’m still surprised by Serenity surprising me, but I am. It seems like in the last few weeks she’s advancing by leaps and bounds in conversation and imagination. It’s hard to describe exactly, but she’s just coming up with more ideas and scenarios on her own, with no prompting at all. Like the other day she was playing at Papa’s when I went grocery shopping, and I told her she had a few choices when I got back. We could go home and put the groceries away. And she responded, “What ELSE can we do with the groceries?” And I told her I could bring in food and put it in Papa’s fridge while we played a little longer. And she said, “That sounds GREAT!” Her tone was just so cute.

She’s started a new game with Eric, largely of her own imagining too. They were playing the by the Super Readers in the back yard, and Serenity said she had a problem! Eric said they should go to the Book Club (her outdoor playhouse) and she said her problem was that she couldn’t find enough wildflowers in her yard! So they ran back to the Super Readers, and Wonder Red helped her spell the Super Story Answer, “Flower.” She came in side the house and spelled it for me too! Then Daddy had a problem, and Mama, and then Gonzo! Gonzo needed hugs =) It was so cute!

One morning she was reading her little alphabet book for the letter V… but she made up a new story for herself. “One shiny morning, there were… Vegetables!!” “Once upon a time, there were… Vegetables!!” It was so cute, and she carried her V book around for a long time =)

She has a new method for red lights now… one day when we were driving home from Mom’s she started chanting every time we approached a red light. “Red light, red light, turn to green light, red light red light turn to green light!” And she’d get higher in pitch the closer we got until she was squeaking it out. It was hilarious and too cute =)

And it’s much easier to have real conversations with her. When we have lunch with Daddy on Tuesdays, he always asks her questions about what we’ve done that day, and now she really remembers and answers. He asked what she sang in music class, and she told him “Five Little Snowmen” and then sang it for him. She remembered more of the lyrics than I did, and it was a brand new song!!!

She sings a lot now, entire songs! She even let me video her singing the ABC song and Twinkle. Yesterday she surprised me by singing the Gummi Bears theme song. Soo cute!

Reading with Serenity is getting even more fun. She’s even starting to do emphasis sometimes. Like one story where it’s supposed to be quiet and she whispers, or another one that goes “No, no, no” and she uses surprisingly good drama =)

She came up with a great new game today. She came up to me and said, “I’m sad. You’re sad too Mama.” And I said, “Oh, why are we sad? What do we need to be happy?” And she said, “SNUGGLES!” and came and cuddled in my lap. We played that game a lot today! I get a lot of snuggles on a daily basis, but I got even more today! =)

She was sitting in my lap today and the baby got wiggly in my tummy. I asked her if she felt that, that Gonzo bumped her, and she was so excited! She poked me in the tummy and said “Bomp Gonzo!” and giggled a lot =) I wonder sometimes if she’ll still call the baby Gonzo after he has a real name… whoops.

We’ve nearly stopped watching television for the last week, she’s spending all her screen time in my lap… until my legs fall asleep. Starfall,, peekuboo. Maybe too much but it’s hard to argue when she’s sitting in my lap reading to me. Oh well, I haven’t woken up with the Dora or Diego theme song stuck in my head for nearly two weeks now so I am just happy. =)

Serenity asked for more bunnies one day so I got out all of her Daddy's bunnies and one of mine =)

Serenity asked for more bunnies one day so I got out all of her Daddy's bunnies and one of mine =)

Serenity kept playing with our tripod, so Eric set it up for an impromptu photo shoot!

Serenity kept playing with our tripod, so Eric set it up for an impromptu photo shoot!