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Thursday, April 28th, 2011

We did so many fun things for Easter! First on the agenda was going to see the Easter Bunny. I tried to take her to a breakfast with the bunny, but evidently you needed reservations for that. Fortunately she was happy to just see a picture of the bunny on the wall, and then we managed to find a bunny at the mall. We waited patiently for the bunny to arrive, and she saw him come from across the room and got so excited! She said, “The bunny waved at me! The bunny gave me a hug!” She went into the little bunny enclosure to visit with him for a minute… and when I looked down for one second to check the prices on the pictures (waaaay too much so no photo =) She pulled an egg out of one of the arrangements and gave it to him. When I looked up he was trying to hand it back to her and get her to put it back in the plant she’d taken it out of. She was extremely proud of finding an egg to give the bunny though. =)
A couple days later we went to an egg hunt at a park near our neighborhood. Serenity agreed to dress up in one of her cute new dresses from Raegan, and her pink fancy boots. We grabbed a basket and joined the fun! She found maybe eight eggs, and when a little girl that got to the hunt a little late didn’t have one she gave her one of her eggs. (And Eric dropped one for the little girl’s brother to find too. =)
Our Easter festivities began on Saturday morning with a bunny scavenger hunt. Serenity loves rescuing animals (yay Diego) so we thought she’d enjoy looking for all her bunnies! Eric wrote out the clues, and we hid ten bunnies in different spots with an Easter egg filled with three jelly beans. At first she ate jelly beans every time she got to an egg, and I began to get alarmed, but she was very agreeable about saving some for later and sharing some with Mama and Daddy. She read all the clues by herself, and found the bunnies too! =) It was so much fun! Here are the clues Eric made:
Bunnies like carrots, go where they grow.
Go to the chair where Daddy makes the bridge.
Go to the stairs where you play ball.
Go to the table where you play Daddy games.
Go to the table where you craft with Mama.
Go to your hideaway.
Go to where you take a bath.
Go to the baby swing.
Super reader, go to the bookclub.
Go to the X-men board game.
Go to where you play play-doh with Mama.

They all led to Serenity’s Easter basket, with was filled with a book by Kevin Henkes, Little White Rabbit, which we love already, colored bubbles (that it’s been too wet to use yet) a slinky, some pixie stix, mini lindt chocolate bunnies, a few more eggs with jelly beans, and a Peep bunny made by Mama!. She loved the bunny =) She collected all her animals in the rocking chair, and gave names to those that didn’t have names yet with the help of her Daddy.
Later that day we colored eggs. I’d gotten a set from Target that included stickers and wings to turn them into butterflies. Serenity’s favorites were the azul eggs. =) She did much better this year about not dropping the eggs into the dye, so most of them were edible (for Daddy.) She played with the butterflies for a long time!
Sunday we were invited to an Easter Egg Hunt at Billie’s house. Serenity loved seeing her cousins and played quite happily in the playroom with them. She followed Casey around as she often does. The hunt was held indoors so it was pretty quick, but she found her eggs, and even found the one Eric hid on top of the drapes! Billie is a genius, so about half the eggs were filled with raisins or fruit snacks. I loved it when she started pestering me for Easter candy and I offered her the box of raisins, she agreed quite happily. =) She also got her first Fun Dip, which has been lots of fun as well. I did feel a little strange about the Pixie Stix I put in her Easter Basket… she can’t quite eat them by herself, because she puts her mouth on them and the sugar won’t come out when the paper gets wet. So I was standing in the kitchen, pouring sugar directly into my toddler’s mouth, and wondering why I thought it was a good idea! =)

Serenity’s Unique Fashion Sense and A New Way to Play Apples =)

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

This is the second time she put on the boots... she discovered pink socks and needed to add that to the ensemble =)

This is the second time she put on the boots... she discovered pink socks and needed to add that to the ensemble =)

Serenity is doing so many fun things lately! Even just today she did so many fun and interesting things I want to share! We were in the process of moving her room and organizing all her things, and she found me going through the clothes Kelly had given us from Raegan. We ended up having a fashion show and she tried every single piece of clothing on… twice! I especially loved when she began her outfit with just the pink boots and her diaper =) She eventually added a dress and jacket, but it was all about the boots. Then, she discovered a full-length polka dot nightgown. Which matched perfectly the polka-dot swimsuit… and later I discovered she’d found polka-dot pants! And believe it or not, there is a pink polka dot skirt underneath all that! She wore this outfit for HOURS. It was funny and so cute. She asked me what I thought and I told her that she had inherited her Daddy’s love of wearing layers. So she ran downstairs to show Daddy her layers.
She also finally discovered that there are three more cabinets under our stairs. Up until now she has only gotten into her own cabinet, but now she’s discovered all of Daddy’s toys! She and Eric spent a long time playing X-men today! And then she found Apples to Apples and wanted to play it… so we did. Apples to Apples as flashcards for a two year old… it was crazy how well she did trying to figure out words! I’ll post the movie to phanfare soon.