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Swimming Lessons

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

We finally got Serenity enrolled in swimming lessons. She loved it! Eric took her to the lessons, although parents only got to watch on the last day. After every lesson she loved showing us what she learned! She learned to kick her legs, “rocket arms” (where she put her arms straight ahead hands together. I called it swimming like Superman when I was taking swim lessons.) She also learned to “pop” where she ducks her head underwater briefly. And she learned to back float, which comes in very handy at bath time as she can now get her own hair wet. She loves practicing her swimming skills in the tub. =) They also taught her to always yell, “I’m coming” when jumping in the water as a safety measure. So now her bath toys often yell “I’m coming” before she dunks them. I was thrilled when we got to watch her on parent’s day. She did everything the teachers asked her, and was very good when she was supposed to be sitting on the wall. Although she did often ask, “is it my turn?” she didn’t complain when it wasn’t. Such fun!

Fourth of July Fun!

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

We went to the cabin this year for the fourth of July. We got to see so much of my side of the family, and we had a blast! The community up there hosts a spectacular fireworks show, and they had lots of fun games like three legged races, volleyball tournaments, and other activities. Eric had so much fun he said that he thinks we should go there every year for the festivities!

Donovan was so little I got to stay in the air conditioning most of the time. I did walk down for the beginning of the games and got to see Serenity, Barrett and Casey participate in a donut dangle. They also had a slip n slide, which was a hit even though Eric had to push Serenity every time so she could slide down it. Serenity also got her very first snow cone! I am so ashamed that it took nearly three years to get her her first snow cone! Well, her first three snow cones. They were a hit to say the least. =) Eric managed to get enough of the family together to have a team for volleyball. They got eliminated early, but Eric already has plans to make sure KaLynn is there next year!

The fireworks were spectacular. Even the ones that various families were shooting off before the real show got started were wonderful, and the ones the community bought were amazing! I’ve never been so close to fireworks, I had to squint at times they were so bright! And I loved that we didn’t have to fight crowds! Donovan slept through all the fireworks, and to my complete astonishment Serenity also fell asleep in my lap halfway through the show! I know it was late but how they slept through even the sonic boom fireworks is beyond me. =) It was so sweet though with both my babies cuddled in my lap.

Serenity’s Cutest Moments (from Facebook =)

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

I went back through my Facebook updates to find some of the cutest things Serenity did that I posted about =) Lots of cute moments!

Serenity’s Cute Moments (from Facebook and Journaling)
May 22: Serenity is taking advantage of my gigantic belly. I keep finding pieces of sticky tape just below my tummy where I can’t see them!

When I came home after our induction was postponed, Serenity decorated my gigantic tummy with a smiley face =)

When I came home after our induction was postponed, Serenity decorated my gigantic tummy with a smiley face =)

May 8th Happy Mother’s Day to me! Serenity ran to me this morning and said, “Mama, I wrote your name on this paper for you!” She did this all by herself, and it’s the first time. She’s written Mama before, but usually I peel the stickers, and ask her which letters she wants. She has no idea it’s Mother’s Day either, but I got my first handmade card. =) Life is so sweet =)
Wall Photos
May 1st Serenity is eating peas for dinner that she “cooked” herself in her play kitchen. So basically, green peas right from the can, cold, with no seasoning. And she says it’s yummy!
April 25th Feeling a little strange about the pixie stix I put in Serenity’s Easter Basket… She can’t eat them by herself because she puts her mouth on them and then the sugar won’t come out…so I helped by pouring it into her mouth. And then I thought… hmm…I am pouring sugar directly into my two-year-old… why did I think this was a good plan?
April 20th: Naps are glorious things. I know this because I was still happy and in perfect charity with my daughter when I woke up to games strung from one end of the house to the other =)
April 19th Serenity found the same pink onesie she wore at one month and decided she had to wear it today… at 2 and a half years =)
April 13th Serenity has copped to the “give her two acceptable choices” scam. “I want NO choices! I don’t WANT those choices.” Sigh.
April 3rd Back from the cabin… just a note on packing the car… do not put the bag full of leftover marshmallows by the feet of your two year old… She will develop monkey toes to pick them up and eat them.
March 16th Serenity is pulling out all the stops to avoid bedtime tonight. First it was… I have a poopy diaper, then, I need to poop on the potty. She must be desperate to ask for that. Then it was, waaah! And in case her performance wasn’t good enough, she added, “I cry! I’m crying!” just to be sure I understood her. And now it is… “I looooove you Mama.”
February 21st Serenity just counted to fifty-nine… Actually she got a chair, pulled it over to me, stood on it right in front of me, and then counted as she apparently knew it was a cool thing that I needed to pay attention to =)
February 16th Serenity keeps saying, “We’re working on a beautiful project!!” And she’s collecting all the pink things in the house =)
January 25th Serenity is learning the days of the week: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sevenday.
January 6th Serenity took a nap today but evidently had to have a little party first. I checked on her and she had moved all the covers, animals and pillows from her bed to her secret room, and surrounded herself by the entire contents of her dress up chest. How did I sleep through that?
January 4th Serenity just climbed in my lap and said, “Can we build a tent PLEASE? I promise to be a good baby…”
December 30th Serenity keeps bringing me her stocking and saying “more stocking!” Which means, “more candy” but cuter =)
December 29th Severe fashion emergency from Serenity last night. After rejecting two pajama choices, she went with her navy blue flower pants and white shirt… and then suddenly she decided she needed pink things halfway through book reading. Then, when she realized she had no pink socks, only white or blue tinkerbell socks, she had to change back into the blue pants to match the tink socks. Whew.
December 28th I think Serenity is learning road rage waaaay too young. “Oh no, we’re driving to a red light! Turn it to green! Turn it to GREEN!!!”
November 25th I love that Serenity calls her fishing pole “my fishing wand.”
October 23rd A spring poked a hole in my chair. Serenity fixed it with sticky tape =)
October 14th Been reading Goodnight Moon too much… Serenity’s up in her crib saying “Goodnight, little paci, Goodnight, little paci,” Oh, she’s not repeating herself really, she does have six pacis
September 13th Serenity got to lunch, and upon seeing my sister, instead of hi she said, “I’m a cutie cutie.”
September 7th Serenity is reading sentences today… I like my green cat and we walk to the yellow house for example
July 20th Serenity asked for a napkin so mama said, “what good manners you have!”
whereupon she put her cupcake on the table and proceeded to eat it like a

July 4th Serenity pointed at me and said “that’s my friend Mama”
June 28th Serenity just told me “I live in a HOUSE. Mama lives in an IGlOO” Where did she come up with that? Do I have the AC up too high? Of course, she told Daddy a few days ago that he lived in a cup so maybe not…