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Donovan is Four Months Old!

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Well, they say it goes fast, even I say it, but I swear it goes even faster with the second baby!  It’s probably partly because he’s such a sweet, easy baby, and also because I’m busier than I was with Serenity.  But it’s crazy how fast he’s growing!  He can almost do a tripod style sit, and he loves to stand up holding your hands.  He finds lots of things funny and sometimes gets going so anything you say makes him giggle.  Such a sweet boy and I am so lucky!!!



Donovan can roll!  He did it three times the day he turned three months, and the next day he did it every time I put him into tummy time!  He made it look easy! =)


He’s such a smiley and friendly baby =)  He gives smiles and giggles even to random people all the time.



Donovan is still such a happy, calm baby.  Even when we run all over town he just naps when he wants too and snuggles and smiles.  He still likes the Woombie, and sleeps longer when he’s in it, but he does nap without it too.  He is so talkative!  He says “hiiiiii” and smiles so adorably.  His eyes are still very dark blue.  He grabs for toys, especially the butterflies on his play gym, and loves to chew so much my Dad thinks he’s working on teeth already!  I’m not sure that it’s quite that drastic yet, there’s not enough drool, but he really does love to chew on his fingers.  He’s enjoying Serenity more too, he turns his head to watch her all the time and smiles when she’s silly for him.  She still loves him a lot too, and names all her toys after him.  Donovan now grabs her hair when she lays on him, so I don’t have to tell her not to squish him as much.  He’s still growing like crazy!


He’s a very giggly baby too now =)  Serenity was just standing next to him and counting and he started laughing big belly laughs, so she kept hamming it up for him and giggling herself when he laughed more.  It was so adorable!  I love that they enjoy each other already  =)



I hear rumors that Donovan does occasionally cry… but I have no proof.  My dad always used to say about me that I never cried as a baby, and I thought he was crazy because there’s no such thing as a baby that doesn’t cry.  But Donovan is about as close as it comes.  He never cries when I’m holding him (so far… knock on wood and all that =)  All it takes to soothe him is for me to pick him up and sometimes pat his back.  He was having a hard night when I was gone to Zumba yesterday, and Eric said he stopped crying as soon as I opened the door.



Donovan has added something to his vocabulary!  He has discovered an awesome little shriek/squeal.  It was really startling because he’s really been so quiet!  He plays contentedly and was all just soft coos and gurgles, and then yesterday he started this squawk!  I giggle at it every time which will probably lead to him getting even louder, but it surprises me every time!  Too cute =)


He loves watching Serenity and smiles now when she snuggles him or leans on him.  It’s wonderful, and I don’t have to keep telling her to be careful of him.  If she goes too far and he makes a little noise, she backs right off and stops whatever it was he didn’t like.  She’s more careful and he’s bigger and actually liking it too =)


He has now rolled both ways!  He doesn’t do it often, and he’s just so content he doesn’t seem to be in a rush to do it.  And when he does, it’s very casual.  He’ll roll to his side, look around for awhile, and then just slowly go over.  =)  He did it for the first time on the 29th  of September.


Tripod =)

What do you think, does Donovan look like Barrett?

What do you think, does Donovan look like Barrett?



Donovan can hold his own =)


More from September =)

Monday, October 3rd, 2011



I was in the middle of posting my update on Serenity in September when Donovan woke up wanting his Mama!  So I have some more pictures I wanted to share before next week’s update on Donovan, some of Serenity and some of our whole family!

I love it when we all snuggle in our chair! Notice though that I try and keep Donovan clear on the other side so he doesn't get bonked too often =)

They talk to and giggle at each other now =)

Donovan is starting to hold his own now =)


She still loves swinging!!Practicing Show and Tell on Daddy. Although probably when she gets there she will say, "I like it! That's all!" =)Raegan's Angel Dress =) Angel Baby!