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December 30th: Mostly Errands

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

12/30: Mostly Errands =)

Well, the fun part of daily December is that after Christmas is over, we get to see a pretty typical day =)  We fixed eggs for breakfast, Donovan took his morning nap, and then we left to run errands.  I’d planned to go to the library and the grocery store, but after the library I realized that I hadn’t ordered my new glasses and I had to get that done before January to get this year’s discount!  So I dragged my poor children shopping for frames.  They were really good.  Serenity handed me every pair of purple glasses in the place to try on =)  I was tired after we managed that activity, so I was going to skip the grocery store.  I asked Serenity, “do you want to go to Wendy’s or to the grocery store?”  I figured she wouldn’t want to go to the grocery store, but no, she remembered that we were out of peach juice so I had to do it. =)  Then we drove by Daddy’s work for a visit and a snack.  Then it was home for a long nap for Donovan and some snuggly library book reading for the girls.  I actually cooked dinner with Serenity’s help, and then we just hung out waiting for Daddy to come home!  Then it was bedtime.  Donovan wasn’t sleepy but Serenity really was, so we all read books on the couch.  Daddy read a book for Serenity, one for Tyrone, one for Tasha, and one for Dora.  I read several as well =)  I ended up sleeping with Donovan, he’s having a little trouble sleeping on his own.  Maybe teeth.  All it takes is holding him, so I still consider us pretty lucky on the soothing scale. =)


Serenity fed Donovan his dinner!  He actually opens his mouth for her, wonder if she’d do it every night =)