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Donovan’s Eight Month Pics =)

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Donovan was in the mood to move this morning! I got lucky and caught several of his favorite activities on camera.  I got this picture where he’s quirking his little eyebrow up.  He can do either eyebrow, and I just love it when he does =)  Dad says it’s a Bair trait.

Eyebrow =)


Then he started to try to crawl to me… and got up into a froggy squat.  This is more what his new crawl is like, more feet and hands than knees =)



Then I lucked out and got a good pic of him doing his wompus walk!  That’s what they call it at Serenity’s gymnastic class, where you have your hands down and your legs straight.  I think he’s maybe trying to stand up and that’s the way it turns out.  Either that or he’s been paying attention to Serenity.



Then there’s this… he rested his head on the ground.  Doesn’t he look like he wants to do a somersault?  So funny =)



I put him next to his bed at first, thinking maybe he’d want to cruise, but instead he wanted to do all these fun things!  Yay!  He can actually move now, nothing is safe!!!  Time to baby proof, for what it’s worth.  =)




Donovan is Eight Months Old!!

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Pics with the calendar will come soon!!!  Decided to go ahead and post on time at least =)


Donovan is a busy baby!  He’s cruising!  He loves to walk around holding hands.  The funniest thing though is when he’s on his tummy.  I thought he was trying to learn to crawl, but he pushes his hands and straightens up his legs until he’s doing a “wompus walk”. (That’s what they call it in Serenity’s gymnastics class at least.)  So he’s really just trying to stand right up.  He can get from his tummy back into a sitting position though which makes him very happy.


Wompus Walk

This baby really loves to play with balls.  Daddy is very excited.  Serenity was never really into balls, but Donovan tries to dive out of my hands to get to balls, and he watches intently when Daddy is playing with them.  His favorite is the big rubber ball we use for stair ball and the little beach ball my Aunt Jan got him with some other beach toys.


His favorite toys are still the crayons though.  We keep one in each room for easy chewing access.


Sleeping with Daddy =) Crayon in Hand

He had his first big cold.  We were in Cali and he got so croupy!  I actually wondered where the nearest urgent care might be, but the steam in the shower cleared him up enough that he could sleep…sitting up with me at least.  Eric moved a chair into the bathroom for me to snuggle him in the steam.  So he slept although I didn’t.  Thank goodness for grandparents that want the morning shift =)  He was still so sweet and happy during the day though, it was hard to believe he was sick.  I see a little tooth poking out now too.


He is talking, at least making lots of great sounds.  Especially Mamamama.  He started with Dada but he’s doing Mama more now.  And “Ba!” Which Daddy insists is ball.  And who knows, at some point it probably will be. =)  My favorite sound that he makes though is his trill.  He can do the Spanish rr sound so well!  He can rrrrrrr indefinitely.  I certainly can’t, but Eric can.


He’s still not especially interested in solid food.  I’m starting to research alternatives to the Gerber type purees and flaky cereal.  It may be the colds too though.  We’ll see!


He’s cruising!  He can stand holding onto the couch indefinitely.  He absolutely loves to walk around holding fingers too.  One morning we were doing it and he saw a toy he wanted so he sat down… but he wouldn’t let go of my fingers.  He wanted to be able to get right back up.  He walked around some more, then sat down for the toy again.  This time he tried to pick the toy up with his mouth.  No letting go of Mama!




Ok, he’s crawling!  As of today he officially made forward progress in pursuit of a toy. =)  Just in time for my eight month update. =)  It’s a funny crawl, more hands and toes than knees, but whatever works.  He loves cruising more though, and has been cruising on our windowsills.  Eric piled toys on there for him and he has been playing there happily.  The little white table Dad made is also just the right height, and the couch!


We had our first sick doctor visit.  Poor baby boy has RSV and double ear infections.  And… I almost didn’t take him in.  He wasn’t really fussing at all, just snotty mostly.  If he hadn’t started sound a little wheezy I probably wouldn’t have, but I didn’t like the way his breathing sounded.  He just wasn’t acting that sick.  Last Friday and Saturday he had a low grade fever, but Tylenol worked on that just fine.  Anyway, now we are in the middle of breathing treatments, antibiotics and steroids.  Poor baby does not like any of those things, but I think he does sound much better.  So hopefully no bronchitis from the RSV.  And hey, he’s contagious.  Probably we all have it.

He figured out a few days ago that books have pages!  I love it!  He tilts his head to the side to try and catch a glimpse of the next page, and just a few days after that he started grabbing and turning pages.  It’s so so exciting!  And the first book he tried both these things with was Pajama Time.  Yay!  I think that’s his favorite right now, outside of the bathtub books he can eat. =)


Donovan is definitely in love with balls.  He stares at his Daddy in absolute fascination whenever he’s dribbling a ball.  He kicks them around the house while holding onto fingers.  (This reminds me of Aidan a little bit.  Awww)  He’ll actually sit down to grab balls.  I think his favorite game with the ball though… is Hit the Ball with the Hammer.  Followed closely by his second favorite game, Eat the Ball.  And his third favorite game, Eat the Hammer.  =)  Seriously though, balls, hammers, and I have noticed he’s interested in the toy car that his little people zookeeper drives.  Could he be any more boy?

Vader and Chewie. I noticed my games got a lot better after Donovan joined the Dark Side.

With Evan

At Tina and Colen's wedding... his pants need a better hem but he was sooo cute!