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Donovan Nine Month Pics

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Once again I got the post up before I took his monthly pictures.  But hey, it’s still the 7th!



Donovan is Nine Months Old!!

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012


Donovan’s on the verge of talking =)  He’s very seriously repeating some sounds, so it kind of sounds like he can say haaaaaat, and uuuuup  And possibly ball, but it just sounds like “ba” so it could just be more of the babbling sounds.  Still not sure he means them but it’s so exciting to hear!


Showing Vanaema and Farfar his legos on Skype... or banging Daddy's monitor =)

He has the cutest little wave.  He’ll raise his hand high up in the air and just grin so adorably at someone, and then he’ll bob his whole arm down and up a few times.  He’ll do it for hi and bye bye, just on occasion of course, but I love it.



Donovan is nine months old!  He’s such a sweet baby =)  A lady at the grocery store said his smile was so bright it just light up.  He loves to see people and talk to them more and more.  He’s started giving little pats when I hold him, just like I give him.  It’s so snuggly!  He also is starting to like pillows, and I think it’s just adorable when he lays his little head on a pillow and just rests.  It’s such a contrast from the rest of the time, when he’s busy discovering everything!  He’s crawling really fast now, and has even managed to climb up two stairs!  And he’s fascinated by the bathroom so I have to shut all the doors these days to keep him to cleaner areas of the house.  He’s even stood on his own for ten or twelve seconds at a time, but he definitely feels that steps are only to be taken when he’s holding hands.


Serenity comes to snuggle us in the mornings and it makes Donovan giggle =)


Crawling very fast!


Dual Wielding his Hammers =)

He still ends up sleeping in the chair with me most nights for at least part of the night.  Probably before long we’ll have to work on sleeping without the woombie and without nursing at night… but I’ll avoid it a while longer yet.


He’s finally starting to east a little bit of solid food.  He occasionally will finish a jar of food now =)  I’m doing mostly mixed fruits and veggies with the oatmeal as he’s never liked the baby cereal on its own.  He loves puffs, toast bits, and other things he can pick up himself, so I try to give him bits of whatever we eat now.  Not so fond unfortunately of picking up the veggies that are mushy, maybe he doesn’t like the feel of that or something, because he’ll eat it if I put it in his mouth =)

Monkey shirt from the Richards =)


Serenity says Donovan is funny and she loves him!  He does have a great sense of humor, giggling so sweetly and giving me that one eyebrow raised expression.  =)

Serenity in February

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

I never took pictures of Serenity in her birthday outfit with the blue background! So I took some to add to her birthday scrapbook, and she had a blast twirling in it =)

2/4: Serenity made up this song =)

I am a fancy girl,

I like to spin and twirl,

I can hop like a squirrel!!!


Today, after I had gotten Donovan down for a nap, Serenity met me at the door and said, “Mama, let’s make this!  Let’s go get supplies RIGHT NOW!”  And she was waving a Jo-Ann’s advertisement.  The picture was of a bike basket and bike covered in stripey crochet and crocheted flowers.  No way I can teach her to crochet at 3, but it was so so fun that she was so sure we could do it ourselves =)  So we figured it out!  We used paint to make our own version from the inspiration picture, stripes on one side and flowers in the colors of the ad.  It turned out beautiful!  I love my crafty girl. =)

We were reading bed books tonight and Serenity had chosen Little White Rabbit.  It’s an awesome book, and on one page the bunny is imagining that he is green, and how he’d be camouflaged in the grass like frogs and such.  I was trying to get Serenity to imagine like the bunny, so I asked her what it would be like if she was pink.  If her hair was pink, and her eyes, and her face.  And she looked at me and said, “It would be Pinkalicious!!!”  We haven’t read that book in nearly a year, but it was just the right answer. =)

Serenity’s class Valentine party was such a blast!  I already talked about it on my blog but I want to include it in her journal too.  When I asked her what made her most excited about Valentine’s Day, she said she was excited to deliver Valentines to her classmates.  So we had a Post Office theme for her party.  I built a huge mailbox out of cardboard that she helped me paint bright red.  It even had a little pull out drawer to put the mail in, just like a real one.  Then I sewed mailman bags for the whole class and made lots of play mail for them to pretend to deliver.  The kids had a blast, filling and refilling the mailbox, taking the mail from their bags and delivering them to their classmates, teachers, and families.  I also found tin mailboxes from the Target dollar spot for them to decorate and take home.  So much fun!  Eric brought the balloons I’d gotten from Dollar Tree to class, and when he got there all the kids said “oooooh!”  Serenity was so excited, she’s been pretending to “get things ready for the party”  all week.


Serenity in February

I want to be sure I’m still recording all the fun things Serenity does!  Lately she’s been doing lots of pretending.  She’ll pretend the Pirate Piggies are in her hand and saying Arrrrgh, or singing the ABCs with her.  Yesterday as she was eating her Rice Krispie kiss she was singing and acting out Little Miss Muffett and then she looked over at me and said, “Spider wants to share!!!”  Such fun!

She really loves her brother and has put in requests for another brother that she will name Finn, and a sister that she was going to name House but decided to go for Naiya when I refused to name even a theoretical child house.  =)

She’s a total backseat driver =)  I was saying that maybe I should honk at the lady in front of me to tell her that she really needed to turn left when the green arrow was up (since we were in a turn only lane that she’d already sat through one whole light for). But I didn’t know where the horn was!  She said, “It’s under the H Mom”  I guess that was obvious =)  She also announces the speed limits and asks me how fast I’m going whenever she sees one, and yells “slow down” and “stop” for lights. =)

She still wants kisses when she gets hurt.  She loves cuddling and hugging and often says, “I love you soooo much.”  She’s so sweet and snuggly, and I just adore it.

We play lots of games, although she’s starting to get to the point that she really wants to be the winner.  I understand as I often feel the same way, but we can’t let her get away with it all the time.  She also always wants to be FIRST when you’re going anywhere.  This can be a nuisance as it means she has perfected dodging in front of you and getting in the way when you’re walking. So she can be first, even if she doesn’t actually know where you’re going.

She still has bed books every night, and has to be dissuaded from putting her entire library in her bed.  She’s starting to enjoy Fancy Nancy, and tells me she’s making things fancy when she adds stickers to them.  She loves to craft. She did her first sewing project recently, and is eagerly anticipating doing more.  At least I am =)

Eric and Serenity spent a day doing every single one of her puzzles!!! They opened them all, mixed them all up, and then covered the slidey room floor with puzzles! Such fun!


I love it when she comes home from school with cool hats =) She's studying reptiles and her whole class became crocodiles =) She always tells me if her group gets to go first in Science or if she's the "next science." It's important! =)Serenity gets out of bed by herself now, and often comes down to climb into the chair where Donovan and I are usually sleeping. It's so snuggly and sweet!!!!


Cinderella in red ladybug rainboots =) I love her =)


Making really big Rice Krispie kisses for Daddy. She loves to help in the kitchen, especially if she can taste marshmallows while helping