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Zoo Trip!

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

We visited the zoo first thing one morning so we could avoid the heat!  I woke everyone up at 6:40 so we could get there right when it opened!  It was a perfect zoo morning, especially for the big cats.  Donovan roared at the lions, we got to see the snow leopards chase each other, and we got to see the baby jaguar cubs!

Riding the carousel at the zoo.



He was roaring at the lions here. He loves roaring. His shoes have lions on them now so we roar a lot when putting on shoes, so that’s two of his favorite things together =)


We watched the sea lions for a long time. The new exhibit is great!



The baby jaguars were adorable!!!! Mama jaguar is cool too =) We got a baby jaguar at the zoo shop and named it Jax, and a snow leopard named Snowy, since the Snow Leopards were also being very energetic this trip. They chased each other around the pen and even up on the wire side of the cage!

Donovan is 14 months!

Saturday, August 18th, 2012


Watching Elmo with his sister =) He gets annoyed in the morning when I don’t let him go wake her up =) You can hear him calling “sister! sister!” all the way down the stairs.


Coloring for the first time! He also likes coloring with chalk outside. It’s the beginning of craft fun.


Pete the cat is his FAVORITE book. He loves this book =) Especially the part when Pete steps in something and you say “Oh no!” He says it all the time when you get to that part of the book and it is adorable every time =)




Kiss for Mama’s birthday! Grandma taught him to say Happy Birthday!


Sharing the icing =) “want more!”



Donovan blows kisses now!  He does it even without prompting now, which I find so adorable =)  Usually he’ll do it when he says bye-bye.  He also loves to give kisses, and he will make little smacking sounds until he actually gets to you, and then he does the wide open mouth sort of kiss. He loves to give hugs too, and snuggles.


His favorite thing right now is Elmo.  He knows that Elmo can be found on both the television and the computer, and when he wants Elmo he can be very emphatic.  I ordered a few Elmo board books so that I can read him books when he asks for Elmo sometimes instead.  He just loves all the singing and dancing.  His favorite dancing step right now is to spin in circles until he’s so dizzy he’s staggering.  He watches me do my yoga dvds and tries to do downward dog and stretches his arms up to the ceiling. =)  He has even learned to do a somersault this month!  Eric was sooo proud as you can imagine.  =)


He’s learning a lot of animal sounds right now.  His favorite is “woof!” but he also does “baaaa,”  “moooo,” and “meehhhhh.”  He might know what a pig says as well but he can’t really say it clearly.  At least he says the same thing every time I ask.


He finally eats real food.  Actual meals.  It’s wonderful!  He’ll eat just about any fruit, especially blueberries and bananas, and he loves edamame.  He’ll eat lots of breads, cereals, and chicken.


Serenity in July (Age 4!)

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Serenity Year 5 2012


Serenity has been asking for science experiments all month long!  I love that she enjoyed her birthday so much!  And I’m so glad all the test tubes, beakers, pipettes, and magnifying glasses are coming in so handy!  Here’s a list of the experiments we’ve run so far:

1.) Vinegar and Baking Soda.  She asks for this again and again.  I think we’ve gone through four gallons of vinegar using up the five pound bag of baking soda my sister gave us.

2.) Food Coloring Flowers.  We made a really cute centerpiece using carnations we dyed with food coloring.  The blues and greens were the fastest, but the yellow turned out really nice in the end!

3.) Swirly Milk.  Pour milk in a dish, add drops of food coloring, and then touch with a q-tip soaked in a little dish soap!  Such cool results!

4.) Smell test.  Fill test tubes with all different smells and see if you can figure them out with your eyes closed.  This was fun, especially using Eric as a guinea pig.  However, the real fun came when Serenity spent the next two days mixing all of her spices and smells into various sludgy concoctions.  I don’t think she drank too much.  Hopefully none of the perfume.

5.) Dancing raisins.  Put clear soda in a glass and add raisins using tweezers or tongs.  Great fine motor skills, fun to watch!

6.) Oil and Water test.  She wanted to do this one multiple times too.  It’s fun to shake it!

7.) Mentos and Cherry 7-Up. From her birthday party =)

8.) Color mixing.  She always wants her test tubes out so she can mix up colors and use the droppers =)  And she keeps at it until everything is brown.  “Look at my batches of brown!!!”


Besides all the science fun, this month we did various crafts, including making her first potholder on the Loop N Loom Grandma got her for her birthday, and using the sewing machine for her first project!  She was so proud of the bag she sewed for her dance shoes.  She told her teacher all about it in class.  I also heard her tell her dance teacher that she had a science birthday party =)  Fun to know she thinks about her party and still talks about it =)

She helped to make the decorations for her party =)

She had her first dance lessons this summer.  I loved watching her, it’s just so cute!  She adores twirling around and tapping with her shoes.  After all her lessons were done I had her choose between Dance, Swim, and Gymnastics, and she chose dance because “I haven’t learned very much dance yet!”  So it’s back for Ballet/Tap/Jazz in the fall.  She’ll have a real recital this winter!  Woo hoo!

Roaring =)



We also had swim lessons, which was great!  We really need to work on her swimming skills.  She loves jumping in the water but doesn’t like to put her face in it yet.  It was funny, at the class where parents were allowed to watch, once when she jumped in the water the teacher said “goodness child, you can jump across half the pool!”  So no fears for that much.


We are surviving on Snow Cones this month.  The last week has been over a hundred a lot!  And nearly every day, Serenity will get a boo-boo of some sort and she usually feels that all she needs is a snow cone to feel all better =)


She loves sharing her snow cones and icee pops with Donovan =)

Phrases Serenity likes to say her own way: Bungle Up (bundle up)  Bitter Knife (butter knife)  Also, “I’ve never (insert random activity) before.”  I just hear her use that phrase before.  I guess she likes to point out all the new experiences =)

Watching a Sesame Street clip with Donovan =)


Played Hide and Seek with Daddy =) Found him!

One night I set out her doctor’s kit, bandaids, and a bunch of stuffed animals for her to doctor =) And we watched a little Doc MacStuffins.


She can hang upside down now from the bar!


Very bubbly =) I think this is fifth position =)


With Samantha for real =)


Crafting with my girl =)