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Donovan is 16 Months

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Petting a deer at the Tulsa State Fair


Donovan’s stages of anger:

Stage one: Fall to the knees

Stage two: Sit back on the bottom

Stage three: Fall to all fours

Stage four: Flop onto face
Depending on how abjectly angry he is, he will go through some number of these steps.  It’s pretty funny.


Eric has a day off today, so Donovan stayed with him while I took Serenity to school. Evidently, if he doesn’t see us leave her at school, he won’t believe it. When I walked in the door without her he stood there for five minutes saying “sister? sister!” Then he flopped on his face and whined, and Eric said, “Do you love your sister that much?” And he responded “YEAH!!”


I love how excitedly he answers questions these days.  At first it was YES!!  Which was absolutely adorable.  Now it’s more often YEAH but still very clear and full of enthusiasm.  If he doesn’t know the answer, it’s “ummm”.  So sweet.


He can count to ten now!  He doesn’t do one but he can do the rest =)



Donovan says “thank you” almost every time you give him something these days.  It sounds more like “dan du” but when you hear it often enough it’s obvious. =)  So sweet!
He sits in our laps for lots of books at bedtime now!  It’s so wonderful.  He has definite favorites.  Anything with dinosaurs in it, especially Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs and How Do Dinosaurs go Up and Down.  He loves the llama board books, and the little Sesame Street board books.  He loves the Numbers book.  It’s one of those books with the big pictures in it.  Moo Baa La la la.




He’s amazingly good with utensils… He climbed into Serenity’s chair and ate all the dinner she left behind =)