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November 29th: New book day!

Friday, November 30th, 2012

November 29th (Read a new book)

This year I got two new books, Pete the Cat Saves Christmas and Sandra Boynton’s newest, Christmas Parade.  And Serenity read them to us!  She read the Christmas Parade, and she did it with such great emphasis!  You could tell she was paying attention to things like capitalization and exclamation points.  And she’s very comfortable with reading, since she read words I know she’s never seen before, like bassoon, without any pause or difficulty.  I love that she’s a reader! =)  I also got a Pete the Cat doll that Serenity immediately added loop n looms to and took for show and tell.





Serenity’s November in Pictures =)

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

There’s been so much journaling this month between Thanksgiving, Decorating, and the start of our advent that there are just a few things I didn’t cover. So here are a few of my favorite pics of Serenity this month =)

We got Secret of the Wings this month, so Serenity has spent a lot of time as a fairy, especially a snowflake fairly like Periwinkle


We did a service project with friends, and the girls love playing together. They were all winter fairies.


Packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child


Play-doh pie


Dance recital! She did such a great job!!! And she said she loved it. They danced to Here Comes Santa Claus


She asked for buns in her hair.


She can do the loop and looms she got for her birthday all by herself now! She made a whole purse! I don’t know if her manual dexterity has increased that much or if the loops are just a lot looser after she stretched the in ropes all over the house for the last six months.


Playing Pilgrim and Turkey on Thanksgiving. Eric is the turkey =)


Having a cookie with her friend Lorelei from school at the Thanksgiving Feast


Her teacher, Ms. Parent


The finished purse =) She filled it with some weeds that she picked, and told Daddy they’d make him go super fast if she sprinkled them on him…



Tonight’s plan was to make a Thanksgiving craft.  Serenity thought that up all on her own, which is totally awesome because I’ve been wanting to come up with some sort of thankful activity to list things we are thankful for.  Here are the first things she said: “I’m thankful for my sweet Mama and my sweet brother and my sweet Daddy.  I’m thankful that we get to do crafts (she was probably reacting to my excitement about the plan for tomorrow =)  and she’s thankful for the new kitchen.  Hee hee =)



I sang some Christmas carols yesterday and Serenity did her own interpretive dance.  Then she asked me to sing more because she wanted to dance more.  It makes me question quitting our dance lessons!

November 28th (Lights at Rhema and hot chocolate)

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

November 28th (Lights at Rhema and hot chocolate)

The most heartwarming moment of the day:  We went to pick Serenity up from school, and since I had to try a ninja hat on Barrett we were in the lobby.  He saw her coming out of her classroom and wiggled to get down.  Then they ran down the hall to each other calling “MY sis!”  “DZ (pronounced deez sometimes now)”  And then they flew into each other’s arms and hugged.  Awww.  They did something similar this morning when he got up and went into her room to check out her lights.  So sweet.


I was rolling around on the floor with DZ and he pointed to the bag of polyfill.  He first pointed out the O, which I knew he knew.  Then, he touched the P and said P!!!  Then he touched the Y and said why!  And after I freaked out with enthusiasm he showed me the y several more times  He also did the F!  Yes!  Serenity’s letter lessons are sinking in!

We went to see the two million lights at Rhema again this year.  It was much warmer than last year.  The kids ran around until they were completely exhausted.  We all loved going through the tunnel of lights.  It was all so beautiful!  And I used my camera on Manual mode, yay me!  ISO 1600, f2.8, 1/30. No flash!