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Donovan is 19 Months Old =)

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Heather Warren took these amazing photos of Donovan!


I love that she caught this little pout =) Too funny! He’s probably about to say “no, never”



Donovan is doing so many cute things!  And one or two things that aren’t quite as cute, but mostly fun things.  He talks all the time, which is adorable.  He uses long phrases, and what he does say is pretty clear. Some of his favorite phrases are “I too!” which is always said with emphasis, and usually means he wants whatever we or his sister have.  Especially “I too shoes!” which means he wants to go with us. =)  He also still says “excited, so excited!”  I love it when he says “hold you” and snuggles in close with his arms around your neck.


He loves pretending to sleep.  He’ll snuggle under the blankets, pretend to snore, and then open his eyes and say, “I funny!”  And he is! =)


He loves to run races, saying “ready….set…go!” he puts his arms behind his back, almost like wings, when he gets set.  He also loves to kick balls to you, and he’ll usually ask, “are you ready?  I ready!”  His L’s sounds like Y’s, and his K’s sound like T’s.  So he says “O-tay!”  and “I yike it!”


He has discovered that telling me he’s hungry is usually a good way to get out of going to  bed, and for getting out of bed in the morning.  Not sure that’s he’s going to fool me with that one much longer!  “I hungry!  Food!”  He has added meatballs to his diet, yay, a meat besides chicken nuggets!  He ate more than Serenity last night!


He is loving his drum from Christmas, and his riding dinosaur and pull dinosaur.  Right now his birthday will either be dinosaurs or just noisy animals, as making Elephant sounds is one of his absolute favorite things.


He is showing a distinct preference for Diego over Dora.  He asks for Diego by name a lot, and for “elephant” which means the Backyardigans, particularly the Elephant Drop episode, although he likes any of the Backyardigans.  He is asking for Elmo less, although he still does on occasion, and we reread the Elmo books a lot. =)


He loves the Laurie Berkner “these are my glasses” song, and when he makes his pretend glasses he always puts them under his nose, I assume because he doesn’t want to actually block his vision.  It’s too cute!



Donovan has now discovered that asking for books is the perfect way to put off naptime, bedtime, and the easiest way to get a lazy mama out of bed in the morning.  He loves the Christmas Parade book, with the drumming elephant, all the llama board books, and books about dinosaurs and dogs.


constant motion =)


Our rainbow hunt =)

IMG_5731 IMG_5792