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Pregnancy Journal… 23 Weeks and Counting! =)

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013


23 Weeks

23 Weeks


Well, I have reached the wonderful middle of pregnancy =)  Even for someone like me that has reasonable easy first and third trimesters, the second is still the best.  We know now that we’re having a girl!!!  We’ve had two ultrasounds and they said girl both times, so I’m ready to believe.  I just love knowing!!!!  It makes it so much more fun and easier to talk to the kids about the baby, and I can get busy with all my crafting and organizing plans =)  But more about why I love the second trimester =)  She’s bouncing around in there like crazy now, which is the most amazing feeling.  Serenity’s even felt her kick once!  I just love it, and I talk to her whenever I feel her move around.  Also, I’m starting to look pregnant instead of just feeling big.  Seems like that is happening a lot earlier this time around too.  I like my maternity clothes pretty well, I just hope I don’t outgrow them before the end!  And, napping has become optional again.  I fell unconscious for weeks straight the first trimester every day around 2pm.  I’m just glad Serenity and Donovan were so happy to play together nicely most of those days!  Don’t get me wrong, I still like to nap, but it’s nice to get to choose instead of just passing out =)


We haven’t really discussed names yet.  We still have a long list of favorites we liked from the first time around, at least nine names that we loved.  I have, however, managed to convince Serenity that we will not be calling the baby Pearl or Starfish after she arrives.


The last two ultrasounds were good.  My doctor actually was present for my last appointment, and she checked for any developmental problems with the internal organs and such.  She said everything looked great, with heart, bladder, that sort of thing.  They couldn’t get a good look at the face though because her little hands were covering it.  The ultrasound tech said it looked like she was reading a book in there.  =)  So we’ll check out nose and lip at the next visit.  I just love getting to have ultrasounds every visit!  Next time is the diabetes test, so hopefully I pass that.

To compare:

14 Weeks

14 Weeks

Serenity’s Silliest Stories: Things I posted to facebook.

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Serenity’s Silliest Stories:  Things I posted to facebook.


It was a Greatsome Year!!!
I forgot to make this post when I was doing Serenity’s birthday updates!  I like looking back on this so I’m going to do it now.  =)


July 8th: Serenity woke up this morning and gave me a big hug and said “thanks for making me such a nice party” Awww So happy

July 10th: Went to see Brave today with Serenity. Loved it! Later she was playing with the little Merida figurine she got from her birthday. I saw her shake her little finger at the doll and say, “Merida, you need to listen to your mother.” I think that was a good moral to take away from the movie

July 19th: Serenity being especially sweet at bedtime tonight. “Mama, I love you and I want to stay with you forever! I hope you don’t die. What if you die before we finish reading Ramona?” Hmmm.

July 20th: Serenity is spending the night at Grandma’s tonight with her cousins… She tried to convince Grandma that she never goes to sleep.

July 30th: Serenity spilled a LOT of birdseed outdoors a few days ago… well evidently the animals have discovered it. There was a flock of about fifty birds in our tiny yard this morning, including a cardinal, one squirrel, and a rabbit! Also two hummingbirds came to join the party, I think just for the heck of it as I don’t think they even eat birdseed.

August 11th: Serenity made peanut butter crackers for a snack for everyone. Eric looked at his before eating it and said, “Wow Serenity, you did a really good job making this! All the peanut butter is on the inside, it is so neat!” Then as he was eating his, he watched her make another. And she licked all the peanut butter that got on the outside of the cracker sandwich. Ohhhh

August 13th: Serenity decided that what I wanted for my birthday was… Jalapenos! Yum (four jalapenos because that’s my favorite number.) And flowers

August 14th: So, I got several birthday cards in the mail today, including one from my good friend Doris. Serenity asked me to read my birthday cards to her, and when I got to that one, her eyes got real big with hero worship and she said, “DORA sent you a birthday card?!?!?

August 18th: It’s a good morning for SCIENCE!!! According to Serenity, it always is


August 24th:

I told Serenity how we breathe in oxygen and breathe out CO2, and how plants take in CO2 and give out oxygen… She asked if she could go outside to deliver her breath to the plants.

August 27th: Serenity and I were discussing the Cookie Monster (as Donovan is addicted). I said they call him Cookie Monster because you are what you eat, and he loves cookies. She responded. “So I’m Sweet Serenity!” mmhmm. And yes, she did use that opportunity to hit me up for a lollipop.

September 12th: Serenity is making signs to welcome friends over for a playdate. I guess I should plan one then.

September 15th: Serenity can identify homonyms and synonyms. Does my English Major heart proud

September 25th: Catch up time on
This is what Serenity said when I asked if she had anything she’d like to add to the post about her school. =)
“At school I don’t complain and I listen to the rules!

I like school! A lot! I like school a really really lot!.

I LOVE the work that I do.

October 12th: Serenity is teaching Donovan the letter b today. She has written about a hundred around the yard today, and dz is excited when he finds them!

October 23rd: Serenity was mumbling in the back seat so I asked her to speak up. She said, “Oh, I’m just talking to my imagination.”

Serenity asked Eric to close her door last night, which she never does. Checking on her as I was going to bed, this is what I found…



October 24th: When I asked Serenity how school was today she told me “It was greatsome! That’s awesomer than awesome and greater than great!”

October 27th: Barrett, “I need to get my game skills on. I thought Serenity would be an easy one.” This is after her fourth win! — with Eric Peter Wainright and Chrissie Wainright.

October 30th: Serenity got in a little trouble last night for telling us she had brushed her teeth when she hadn’t. Later, trying her to encourage her to be honest with us, I asked her, “You know you can tell Mama and Daddy anything right?” She responded, “Anything except things that are not true.”

November 5th: Serenity found her own thankful leaf this morning, drew a picture and wrote that she is thankful for Flowers, all by herself I love it!!!

November 22nd: I made pies with my daughter today just like Grandma Bair taught me I think Mimi’s sand tarts should be next. So thankful for everything my family has taught me. Love you all.

November 26th: Serenity helped me decorate the tree, and she wanted to be sure Baby Raegan and Baby Serenity had company so she hung them next to each other…

November 29th: Forgot to feed serenity this morning… So McDonald’s chicken biscuit before school. Think she’s going to hope this happens again?

December 4th: Got to watch serenity in class today since daddy had dz… So I got to watch her lick and fog up the mirror when her teachers back was turned

December 17th: Serenity managed to whack herself in the face with a plastic tub. Don’t ask. Anyway, through her tears she managed to tell me what hurt. “It’s like a mustache of pain!!!!!”

December 22nd: Serenity counted to 524 on the swings. Far far is a very patient swing pusher

January 11th: I LOVE pretend play. Before Serenity left for school today she created Unicorn Day Care. She put Magical the Unicorn behind my recliner, and made her a bed from leftover batting, collected magical block food for her to eat, and put a brush and water sprayer for grooming in the stable. Tonight after we got home she asked to make a unicorn horn out of some poster board she found, and I was the groomer for both unicorns in Magical Day Care. So much fun!!!

Who sent this awesome outfit? She can’t stop bouncing and curtsying long enough for a clear pic (It was Aunt Jen =)

Iphone5-22 070



February 3rd: Sweet moment of a great day: Serenity yelled from the other room, “BABY BUNNY!” And Donovan comes running back, yelling “I coming Sis!” I love that they are playing together

February 5th: If I choose to hide in bed under the covers every time it’s my turn in hide and seek, is that cheating or good time management?

February 6th: Her father’s daughter

Iphone5-22 134



February 9th: Evidently Serenity is concerned that I’m never going to do laundry again. This is the second night in a row that she’s tried to put a pile of empty hangers on the stairs to “help” out.

Serenity had a blast at Abby’s divagirlz birthday! Of course, on the way home she said we needed to make a diva boys studio at our house so the boys in her class can have fun dressing up too . So many sparkles!!!!



February 15th: Kindness day activity for the day: Taking pastries to our local librarians. We order a LOT of books from them, and they are so helpful! Serenity also decided that they needed a bookmark, so she made them one

February 16th: Donovan asked sis to read him a bed book tonight, and she put down her own book to do it. love them

February 27th: “C’mon Mama, what’s one more bowl of pretzels in the grand scheme of things?”

March 6th: Donovan made a huge mess with Cheerios while mama was at yoga and daddy was trying to get a little more sleep. Serenity offered to clean it up, and we were surprised and happy. Her clean up method? Crushing the Cheerios to dust under a book.

March 10th: Serenity was talking about her castle. She explained that she has a welcome sign over it. Except this welcome sign is extra cool. It hits bad guys. Nice.

March 14th: Serenity was house doodling . Wonder where she got that idea




March 18th: Serenity says she has a pet pig. His name is Mud. How long do you think it’ll take Grandma to get a real one?

March 20th: Serenity has declared herself my new yoga teacher. She teaches Princess Yoga, if anyone would like to join her class. It involves a lot of fancy arm movements and the occasional twirl.

March 20th: Me to Serenity: Do you know why I need to keep my phone charged?

Serenity: So you can play music for your delightful children?

She IS delightful

March 22nd: Leaf Supreme: a dessert salad for aninvisible giraffe named Polly




March 29th: Serenity said “painting Easter eggs was a great idea Mama, I am full of joy.” Lol me too . Donovan loved this craft too, until he realized he was required to wash the paint off.

April 1st: “Mama, you know everything. Except you forget sometimes.”

April 11th: Serenity refuses to wait for me, she keeps finishing our Magic Tree House books without me!

April 30th: Serenity built an entire pillow studio for her sleepy time performance tonight. It included bedtime parachutes, very sleepy slow twirls, fake teeth brushing, and graceful leaps. Her words

May 2nd: Serenity managed to say both goodbye to her brother and good morning to the teacher letting her out of the car two days in a row. I felt like cheering. Why are basic greetings such a challenge? The teachers weren’t even Ms. Parent, so I was especially happy that she spoke up.

May 12th: Serenity belting out from the backseat “I think I’ll tryyyyyyyy to find Rocky” Watch out cast of Wicked.

May 14th: Adjective game! Serenity is sweet, energetic, royal, elegant, nice, intelligent, terrific and young

May 16th: This is when I told Serenity about the baby!!! Her first question, “What’s his name?” When I told her we didn’t know yet, or even if the baby’s a boy or a girl, she said, “Ok, if it’s a girl, we will call her Pearl, if it’s a boy, he’s Starfish.” Thanks for the photo idea Jennifer Hover White!!

June 6th: I got caught trying to recycle a paper towel roll. Serenity found it, and came to me with a martial gleam in her eye. “Mama, reduce, REUSE, recycle!!”

June 29th: Serenity came and snuggled in bed with me this morning. She said, “this is the biggest hug ever because you are the best mama in the world.” I am sooo lucky

Discovery Lab!!!

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

We joined the Tulsa Children’s Museum!  They just opened their Discovery Lab and the kids love it.  Serenity’s favorite thing is the tape tunnel.  The first time we went it wasn’t very busy for the first hour or so, and she just ran around and around it.  Donovan went once, but seemed hesitant to do it when we went back without Barrett.  We made musical instruments in the make shop, guitars out of shoeboxes and shakers with rice and beans.  We still play with those!  Donovan loves the ball hoses, they suck up ball pit balls and spit them out various locations.  That and he loves the toddler area where they have ball ramps to play with and puzzles.  Serenity spent a lot of time in the craft area the last time we went.  She made a kite with popsicle sticks, and a heart wand.  Her scissor skills are definitely improving.  And she can tear tape off by herself!  I’m going to need to buy stock in scotch tape.  We’ve been four times now, and it’s just as much fun every time we go!

Shadow dancing =)

Shadow dancing =)

Building with cardboard boxes =)

Building with cardboard boxes =)

Tape tunnel slide!

Tape tunnel slide!

It's all fun until someone starts pushing from the other side...  So cute though =)

It’s all fun until someone starts pushing from the other side… So cute though =)

I buildin a tower!!!

I buildin a tower!!!

Jen and Barrett tried out the bed of nails!

Jen and Barrett tried out the bed of nails!

In the make shop

In the make shop

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