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December 31st: New Years Eve Cape Verde Style =)

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013







December 31st: New Years Eve Cape Verde Style =)

Usually we celebrate New Years Rio De Janeiro style, but the kids seem to need an earlier bedtime tonight, so we are counting down to NYE with Cape Verde this year, aka 7pm =)  We’ve made party hats, wishing wands, and we took down our Christmas ornaments to turn our tree into a New Years tree =)  On the wishing wands, we each wrote one thing we wanted to do in the next year.  Donovan wished for Dinosaurs.  He may want a dinosaur birthday party =)  Serenity wished for butterflies in the garden.  I wished to travel with my family. (This may be cheating, as we have already planned on doing Fantastico and maybe Disney in the fall, but I still wish for it =)  Eric wished for more sports.  We made one for Maia, and Serenity said she wishes for a happy family, which may be the best wish of all! =)




Maia fits in the Moby! I LOVE it, it’s so snuggly!


Working on our wishing wands. DZ is adding some pink and yellow butterflies to Maia’s wand.


A little park fun =) It was 60 degrees today, although still chilly in the wind.


Our New Years Eve tree. =) I didn’t make it as far as putting up streamers or getting confetti, but we had great fun anyway! =)


I love Serenity’s butterfly wish =) And when she got into her nightgown, she chose her butterfly nightgown so her wish can come true right away. Anybody know how to plant a butterfly garden?


New Years Kiss =)

IMG_5814 IMG_5818

December 30th: Home =)

Monday, December 30th, 2013

December 30th: Home =)      

Donovan was singing Rockabye Baby to Maia… and I think he realized just how wrong that song is.  He sang (not quite right) “Rockabye Baby, in the treetop, when the bough falls, the baby will break… I don’t want baby to break! Stay with me, baby!”  =)  Now you know why I always change the last line to “Mama will catch you, cradle and all.” 

 IMG_5721 IMG_5735_forweb IMG_5743_forweb

Today was another easy day.  We sang to Maia, read her books, and snuggled her.  Donovan got to play Hungry Hippos with both Mama and Daddy (winning most of the time)  We played some Dominion with Serenity.  Both kids ventured outside to feed a loaf of bread to the birds.  Serenity crumbled hers into tiny bits and left it all over the yard.  Donovan’s pieces aren’t quite as tiny, but I’m sure the birds will still appreciate it =)  Eric played some Magic and watched a little more Justice League with the kids.  I read my book, books to the kids, and snuggled all three of my babies.  =)  Oh, and my new postnatal yoga dvd came, so I did that.  I feel about an inch taller, which means a good yoga session!   Lovely day. 

December 29th: Discovery Lab

Sunday, December 29th, 2013

December 29th: Discovery Lab


Super Daddy =)

Super Daddy =)


Wearing Barrett’s Hat and playing with the bat cave =)

We decided to leave the house for a little while today =) The Discovery Lab was perfect.  The kids got to run out some energy, and it wasn’t full of people for a change!  We made shadow puppets in the Make Lab, played with the ball vacuums, and ran through the tape tunnel for an hour!  Then we headed to Jen’s house.  She had been cleaning out toys in the boys room, so we got to go through it to see if we wanted any hand me down toys.  The kids were instantly drawn to the huge batcave, and so was Eric =)  We also got some great costumes, hotwheels, and books.  The rest of the day passed with snuggles, Dominion, and some Sequence for Kids. =)  Great day!