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December 25th: Christmas!

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

December 25th: Christmas

Christmas day was so wonderful!  Eric and I had wrapped all the kids presents in a giant snowman and I had a hard time going to sleep after we set it up, I was so excited to see the kid’s reactions.  And it was wonderful =)  DZ gave it a big hug and squealed =)  Serenity sang Boxy the Snowman several times.  And Maia pointed and said “Frosty the Snowman!”  She loves that book, I sang the song so many times to her this year, and it was so much fun to see the excitement!

Serenity woke up first, and she and I snuggled together on the couch as we waited for everyone else to wake up.  We took a bunch of silly selfies, and that’s one of my favorite memories of this Christmas.

After Maia woke up, it was time to start opening presents!  This was fast and fun.  Donovan opened up the new skylanders we got him, and his eyes got really big and he said “I FREAK out!” and then he proceeded to do so.  He got a hexbug habitat, that he had a blast building and rebuilding.  The bugs got loose at the end though so several batteries ran out and one but is MIA.  But it’s really entertaining to watch those bugs!  Serenity got him an Umbreon pillow pet, which he adores.

Serenity also got the most excited about her new mini Skylanders, but she also loved the new books.  She told me later, “Mama, you know me so well, you get me such great presents at Christmas.” So sweet =)  I’m not sure that she was actually that excited by her popsicle maker at first, but now she’s made two batches of popsicles and she LOVES it.  She made pineapple mango the first time, and then she made strawberry mango.  They were delicious, and she’s getting the hang of the blender and the Zoku.  I love that she has something she can do all by herself in the kitchen, and she’s getting creative with her ingredients.

Maia loves Christmas.  She’s been telling everyone Merry Christmas, and she asks me to read more Christmas books and sing more Christmas songs than everyone.  She’s at such a fun age!  Everything we got her this year lights up. An owl nightlight, Tinkerbell wings that light up, and a Sophia amulet.  It is SO cute to hear her say “amulet.” It sounds more like “amoolet”  So cute.  Donovan got her an adorable little Sofia the first doll.  When she saw it she said “I got Sophia!” She doesn’t really play with stuffed toys much, but she carried that little doll around in her hand, wearing her amulet and the felt Sophia crown I made her, and her purple princess dress up dress all day.  Love!

I got lots of wonderful books, which is perfect with my awesome new bookshelf!  Serenity looked through my books, and found an author I like, and went to the store to get me a book I was missing from the series.  Donovan bought me a new Christmas ornament.  It was of the three wise men, which was PERFECT for this year since we all had so much fun with the Star From Afar game.  I also got a Munchkin Avengers, which will be fun for all of us =)  Eric got me Agricola on the IPAD, which has kept us up till midnight every night since. =)

Eric was thrilled by the Pokemon card game DZ chose for him.  Donovan really was so thoughtful about the presents he got for others.  I got Eric tool sorting cases that he will use for his Star Wars game that he plays with Keith, and for Destiny, the new star wars dice game he just got.

We spent the rest of the day lazily playing with our new things and being together.  Perfect Christmas day.  It was 60 degrees outside so we even went on a walk around our greenbelt… still in our reindeer pajamas.  =)

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December 24th: Christmas Eve

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

December 24th: Christmas Eve!

We played one last round of Agricola with Alex and Siqi before we had to take them to the airport.  We just barely finished in time, so much fun!  After we delivered them to the airport, we took the envelopes we’d made for Jen’s family and Grandma over to their house.  Maia gave Forrest a few hugs, and we saw Grandma’s new dachshund.  Then, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed to the Tulsa Botanical Garden!

It is randomly in the mid-60’s right now, so the garden was beautiful!  I’ve now seen it in Summer, Fall, and Winter, and I can’t wait until Spring!  They had a scavenger hunt that we all enjoyed.  I couldn’t find the flowering witch hazel though, and thought we wouldn’t be able to finish, but Donovan finally spotted it!

We took the kids to lunch/dinner at Smashburger.  They actually ate pretty well at the restaurant, I’m starting to think we’re reaching the age that we can do that more often. =)  Eric stopped in at the Pop stop next door and got some drinks for his biannual day of soda.  Then we went home and Skyped with Ann and John.

The kids were thrilled with all the gifts Ann and John got them!  Serenity got a sort of microscope viewer that works with a smart phone, so she can take detailed pictures of the things she looks at.  Donovan got Skylanders block and blast game, a fun Skylander themed board game where you shoot tokens and try to knock down the minions and Kaos.  They all got new pajamas, and Maia has worn hers for two day straight now.  She loves the ribbons!

Eric was totally thrilled that you can climb into the giant's mouth now that the water is empty for winter =)

Eric was totally thrilled that you can climb into the giant’s mouth now that the water is empty for winter =)

Oklahoma Rock!

Oklahoma Rock!


Serenity with her science scope =)

Serenity with her science scope =)


Skylanders Block and Blast

Skylanders Block and Blast

I love Skype!  But even more that John is retired and they are coming in February!!!

I love Skype! But even more that John is retired and they are coming in February!!!

Scavenger Hunt!

Scavenger Hunt!

December 23rd

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

December 23rd: Lazy days

Today was such a lovely lazy day!  Alex, Siqi, Eric and I had stayed up until nearly two A.M. playing Agricola, but the kids let us sleep in until 8:30!  Wheee!  When they got up, we had a few random books to enjoy.  A Christmas MadLibs, that Serenity did a few out of with much hilarity, and a Hide and Hug Olaf book and Olaf plush, and a Sweet Smells of Christmas book that I read Maia at least a dozen times today.  It had scratch and sniff parts that she thought was amazing.  I spent pretty much the whole day like this, reading my book, alternating with reading to one or the other of the children.  So nice!

They played a bit of Skylanders and a lot of Kingdom for Keflings, a fun little building game on the X-box.  I cleaned out the post office, and we closed up a few more envelopes.  I replaced them with envelopes for the five of us, which will be our last batch for this year.  It’s been so much fun, and Serenity asked if we can keep the post office open year-round.  So we will have to think about how best to do that.  =)  We were supposed to watch family movies, but I haven’t gotten around to making the yearly dvd  yet.  But I am letting that go and will try to get it done next week when we are off school.

Maia dragged around this giant bag of leftover chips for two days =)  We ate more than I thought we would!

Maia dragged around this giant bag of leftover chips for two days =) We ate more than I thought we would!