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December 22nd: New Board Game

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

December 22nd: New Board Game

Today was a fun and lazy day!  We had one last morning with the three Bairs before they had to go back to Lubbock =)  I put out a new game, Yoga Spinner, and everyone tried it!  The kids were adorable =)  They did lotus poses, half moon, and all kinds of fun poses.  Serenity loved the partner yoga poses.  Jason and Alex tried several, and Jason talked Tiffany into a few poses too =)  Siqi did a nice tree pose =)  It was fun and felt very good after missing yoga for a week!

I took Maia to her doctor, and she was very cooperative.  I took the doctor toys so we could practice a bit.  =)  She’s 3ft 1.5 inches tall and 31 pounds.  That’s like the 55th% which seems strange because she seems very big to me.

In the afternoon Don brought over pizza.  Their group went to a movie, and Mary, Kelly and Raegan went shopping, but Carson decided to stay!  I was so happy!  He and Donovan made Pokemon arenas out of crazy forts and played Pokemon.  Then they played Colt Express with Serenity too, and Donovan gave Carson the Pokemon booster pack we got him.  So much fun! ]

Meanwhile, I was in a baking mood.  I wanted oatmeal cookies, so I made them, but when I invited Serenity to bake with me, she wanted the cookie press cookies I had told her we could make, so we did those too.  Then I thought that Carson couldn’t eat any of the things we made, so we made some gluten free cupcakes for him.  =)

Now most everyone except my little ones are at Rogue One.  I’m glad Eric is getting to see it, but I want to go to a movie too!! =)  Maybe someone will go with me to see Fantastic Beasts tomorrow =)

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December 21st: Christmas with Grandma

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

December 21st:   Christmas with Grandma

Today was such a fun day!  I woke up early to run to the store for avocados and flour.  I promised to bring sand tarts and orange date cake to Thanksmas.  I was brave and tried to make gluten free sand tarts in addition to the regular kind.  Kelly said she ate them so hopefully they tasted ok =)

Jana invited us to go with her, Kiley, Brayden and Cooper to the moves.  We saw Sing.  It was so funny!  Braley wanted to go to the movie, so Serenity and Donovan wanted to go too!!  YAY!!!  Normally my  kids are not into movies, but they are very into Braley so they went.  And they liked it.  Their favorite part is probably when the bunny rabbits sing “Oh my gosh, look at her butt.”  At least, that’s what they repeated.  A lot.  And after the movie, Serenity kept remarking (loudly) that they were “Butt Bunnies!”  After hoping she’d get over that particular comment I finally said, “Honey, you have GOT to stop repeating that.”  It led to a lot of hilarity at Thanksmas when I shared that story.  DZ also liked it when the Daddy gorilla broke out of jail to go see his son.  And Serenity only cried a little bit when the theater was demolished and when the gorilla dad said he didn’t want to see his son again.

After the movie we rushed off to Jen’s house.  Eric had invited everyone to play football, and they all had a blast!  They used muscles they hadn’t used in a while though and felt it the next day =) Donovan and Braley and Maia just ran around happily while football was happening.  Occasionally they would be passed the ball but they were glad to just be around the action.  After a while, Maia started playing with Forrest.  She would lay on his back, drape her whole body over him, saying “Good job boy, good puppy.”  She made it “snow” grass all over him, let her hug and kiss him.  He is the best and most tolerant of dogs.

My sister was in a particularly silly mood, so I had fun in the kitchen with her.  We took a series of very blurry selfies.  She mocked the way I cut up avocados and then implied that my tomatoes were not sufficiently diced.  So I cut up one tomato into teeny tiny miniscule pieces just for her.  She wasn’t even tipsy yet, she said she waits to drink until Don gets there as he refills her glass frequently.

Several games of Colt Express were played, and Donovan hung in there with all the grown ups.  We had planned on minute to win it games, and didn’t quite get around to it.  But J had gotten us pie in the face, and the kids played that.  Some liked it, some cried.   Jana also planned a fun game of unwrapping saran-wrap filled with dollar store prizes.  It was crazy fun.  You got to unwind saran wrap until the person after you rolled doubles, and you got to keep whatever you got out of the wrap.  It was a little too intense for Serenity, but some kind cousins and Aunt Jana gave her a few things to make her feel better.  DZ traded for some cool cat clips.  Aunt Kelly also gave him a cool Batman that consoled him when it was time to take the tired boy home.  He and I snuggled on the couch watching a super hero Christmas special until everyone else joined us.

I got to play some Above and Below with Alex and Eric after the kids went to sleep.  Such a great day!!!

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December 20th: Neighborhood Walk

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

December 20th: Neighborhood Walk

We had a nice lazy morning.  I wasn’t in the mood to drive anywhere so we stayed home and crafted.  The kids all painted wooden reindeer, and some went in the Christmas post office bags.

Eric, Jason and Tiffany went with Jana, Alex and David to an escape room in the evening.  I stayed home with the kids and took them on a neighborhood walk to see the lights.  This year we printed up door hangers that said “We like your lights!” and we bundled up some candy canes to give as well.  They loved awarding prizes to their favorite houses!  Braley saved her last prize for Elsa’s house, which the other kids had told her about.  It was their favorite last year, and everyone loved it this year too!

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