Serenity’s Favorite Toys =)

by Chrissie Wainright on July 10th, 2009
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1.) Keys to her Yookidoo (An instant hit!  Mimi gave her the Yookidoo for Christmas because she thought she’d get a lot of use from it, and it’s so true.  She’s just starting to roll the balls down the ramp herself, but she’s enjoyed it at every stage, from shaking the keys and the balls, to pulling up on it, to playing with the toys on it, to now!  And she still has fun to look forward to when she actually learns to use the keys!)

2.) Water Bottles (this was Grandma Diane’s idea at Christmas.  She gave her an empty Sprite bottle and she seriously played with it more than any of her toys.)

3.) Jumperoo (Grandpa got this for her during his October visit, and it got a lot of use!  Once she could walk on her own she didn’t want to be confined in it, but now that I’ve taken it apart she climbs in the toy part and plays with the toys still!)

4.) Spoons (I have spoons from Yogurtland that we brought with us to Oklahoma.  She loves them so much =)

5.) Shape Sorter (Still mostly a chew toy)

6.) Rock N Stack (she loves to carry a ring in each hand!)

7.) Toy of Death/Skwish (This is the first toy she really learned to grab, and of course it went straight in her mouth!)

8.) Shoes (Auntie Marilyn gave her her first pair of shoes for Christmas, and she put them straight in her mouth. =)

9.) Playing Cards (Farfar gave Serenity playing cards for Christmas… she loves them and it comes in very handy for preventing her from eating the cards we’re actually playing with.)

10.) Butterfly (This butterfly is her car toy.  It makes music and has crinkly wings, and it was a lifesaver more than once in her anti-car days)

11.) Hay the Horse (An early favorite =)  Easy to grab, rattle noise, and now it’s a farm animal which is perfect for her!)

12.) Mickey Mouse Cup

13.) Frog Rattle

14.) Little People Farm Animals (I think it’s so cute that she can name farm animals and their noises.  She even said a little sentence, Cow Go Moo.

15.) Hats (bowls)

16.) Cali Girl (her first doll)

17.) Yookidoo (balls/dome)

18.) Maracas

19.) Fish she tore off her mobile (she carries it around by the little string. )

20.) Noisy books (jungle rumble, v-tech)

21.) Oball

22.) Taggies Ball

23.) Soft Baby Einstein Blocks

24.) Scarves

25.) Puppets (Azul, Curious George, Farm Puppets)

Remote Control (Also should be pretty high, maybe 18.5)

Ducks!! (I can’t believe I forgot these!  It should go up high in the list.  But I talk about it during her favorite activities so it’s fixed now =)

“Credit Card” (This is a gift card my Dad gave her for Christmas.  We used it but kept the card, and she carries it around and chews on it =)

Serenity love her Little People farm animals!

Serenity love her Little People farm animals!




Yookidoo Keys!!!  Christmas present from Mimi

Yookidoo Keys!!! Christmas present from Mimi

The rings on the Rock N Stack are all OFF!  Success! =)

The rings on the Rock N Stack are all OFF! Success! =)

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