December 12th: Daddy’s Birthday and Hot Chocolate!

by Chrissie Wainright on December 14th, 2010
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When Serenity woke up she came into our bed to snuggle, and then we gave Daddy his present! We got him an expansion to one of the games we like to play =) It was so sweet, she said “Happy Birthday to Daddy!” And gave him hugs and kisses. She knows how old she is, and Mama is, but she is still saying Daddy is 31 though =)

The plan for the day was to play Descent all day! We had a blast! We had a very challenging game that Johnny led! Eric got to play Lyssa, one of his favorite characters. We lost in the first turn, and then played for hours and lost again, but it was a ton of fun! Lots of puzzles to figure out and strategies to plan. Later in the day lots of our great friends came by to hang out! It was so cute seeing the kids together. Serenity was so excited to see the boys! I was changing her diaper and she said excitedly “I hear Aidan in the hall!!! HI Aidan! I’m Serenity and this is Mama!!” She also gave hugs and kisses to all her Aunties and Uncles when they left, although they were a little sweeter than Veronica bargained for. Veronica was trying for a kiss on the cheek, and Serenity was determined to give kisses on the mouth! Veronica kept turning her cheek from side to side, and Serenity went from her traditional fishy kisses, to sticking out her tongue to try and catch her! We were all cracking up =)

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