Serenity’s Favorite Food

by Chrissie Wainright on July 11th, 2009
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The happy food dance! She loves spaghetti.

The happy food dance! She loves spaghetti.

Eating was definitely a big adventure of the first year!  Breast milk was the first major food of course.  After six weeks of trying to figure it out, Serenity and I got really good at nursing.  By six months, she liked nursing so much she completely refused bottles, so we finished out the rest of the year with milk straight from the source.  I was happy nursing went well, I really loved it.
Baby food was a lot of fun.  Serenity was definitely interested in trying new foods.  She would open her mouth so wide when she wanted bites!  She enjoyed the rice and oatmeal, but her first favorite was definitely fruit!  She loved every single type of baby food fruit, although bananas were not as exciting from the jar.  She had to learn to like most of the veggies, but we stuck with it for at least 8 tries, and she learned to eat all of them, even green beans, which are now a big favorite!    The funniest early feeding moment was definitely when we gave her mango.  It was so tart her lips puckered into a fish face.  I kept feeding it to her and it happened every time.  She did like it though, she ate the whole jar.

The first real solid finger foods Serenity got to try were Puffs.  She loves them, and now asks for them by name!  Serenity has been eating pretty much everything we eat since about 9 months.  She’s been off baby food since 10 months.  Her favorites now are spaghetti, especially the meat sauce, and any kind of fruit.  She says apple a lot, although sometimes it may just mean I want food! And she asks for “na na” which are bananas.   She used to be a very neat eater when she let me feed her, but now she wants to do it all herself.  And now, when she’s done eating, she starts dropping her food off the tray which gets very messy.  I try to say “don’t drop it.”  And she repeats “drop it! drop it!” and continues to do it anyway.  Serenity also says bite, and drink, and cup.  She loves to drink out of the grownups cups, and will insist on getting whatever is in the “cup.”  She still enjoys puffs, whole grain goldfish, and whole grain animal crackers.  For the most part though she’ll eat anything we eat, although it took 8 tries to get her to eat more than one bite of egg. =)  Oh, and she knows when I blow on things they are hot.  She’ll say hot, and sometimes say blow.  =)

When she really likes her food, she’ll wave her arms in a happy dance and say mmm yumm or nummm.  She also likes to do the wave.  Jennie taught her if she waves her hands in the air, other people will follow her lead.  And now Eric, Grandpa and I all do it every time.  Once, Rosario didn’t raise her hands in the air, and Serenity gave her a very dirty look.  =)

For the most part, we’ve avoided sugar.  We are getting a bit more lax as her first birthday approaches.  My sister gave her a big bite of whipped cream, and I let her try a little homemade ice cream at Father’s Day.  She LOVED both of course, so she may have inherited a sweet tooth =)  We’ll see how she likes her first taste of cake soon!

She looks like an oompaloompa =)

She looks like an oompaloompa =)


The first bite of "solid" food!


Oh, and in a list of things she’s eaten that she shouldn’t have:  lots of dandelions (usually the dried ones that already lost their fluff), one dead roly poly, lots of paper, playing cards, and she has managed to suck on several rocks.

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