December 25th: Christmas Morning!

by Chrissie Wainright on December 27th, 2010
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Christmas morning was such wonderful fun! Serenity snuggled with us in our bed for a while, and then when Daddy mentioned stockings and Christmas, was eager to run downstairs in her monkey Santa pajamas to check things out. We did stockings first. Serenity opened stockings for everyone. She even did a little dance for the Hello Kitty in her stocking, although I think her favorite part of her own stocking was the gummies and the necklaces, which she immediately passed out to each of us according to our outfits. Daddy was very surprised to find coal in his stocking… (I had cleaned out the stove the night before and couldn’t resist.) However, he also got Hungry Hungry Hippos, which was the all around favorite stocking stuffer. Serenity and Daddy played several games! I got adorable ornament and chocolate! =) After we played awhile, we moved on to packages. Serenity was super excited by her Super Why puzzle, but decided to keep opening presents rather than doing it immediately. Her next game was a tangrams puzzle, and that we did open and play right away! She did a great job of matching shapes, although we worried a bit that she was going to insist on using just one color for each picture, which meant she couldn’t finish a lot of them, but she did end up doing a few mixed color puzzles eventually. It was a great game, I think we’ll enjoy it for a long time! She had a lot of fun with her music player too. She danced and bopped around, and Eric and I danced to Somewhere Over the Rainbow =) She chose her music player as the toy to take with her to Grandma’s. Eric got me the whole series of Friends! I gave Eric Magic, a Fables book, and a scarf I made him from his t-shirts, which he wore all day =) Wrapped around his face when he was outside which amused my family immensely. =) We had yummy monkey bread for breakfast, played and napped before heading out for Christmas with my family!

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