December 25th: Christmas at Mom’s

by Chrissie Wainright on December 27th, 2010
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The rest of the day was just as lovely. My whole family came by for a while at least. We played lots of Dominion and Pandemic, and the kids ran around inside the house and out. =) We had a shower for J and Tiffany that I got to decorate, which was a blast. And then we enjoyed yummy Mexican food cooked by my sister, and way too much pie. I ended up making pecan, pumpkin, coconut, and cherry and peach tarts. Plus cookies and cupcakes. (Cupcakes from my sister =) There was more I’m sure. Oh, right, an entire case of pumpkin bread. Don is getting waaaay too good at baking that. =)

Funny moments: Raegan was so cute, she definitely wanted to be the leader of all the little kids. She’d say, “Serenity, don’t you want to follow me?” And whenever she told Carson to do something he totally would do it. At one point, Carson was talking to Eric and didn’t immediately do what she said, and so she brought out the big guns, “Carson, follow me! Don’t you like me?” Amazing that she already has the wiles =) Eric made a fun game of figuring out whose name had the most letters that had the kids all bouncing and excited. Finally we decided Alexander won, and he got hugs from Rae, Carson and Eric. =) Eric and Alex tied TWICE at Dominion, although once Alex won on tie-breakers.


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