December 29th: Reading and Crafting with Serenity =)

by Chrissie Wainright on December 29th, 2010
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Today was a wonderful day! It began with Serenity finding her Dora Phonics books as we went downstairs for breakfast. We stopped right there on the stairs and read them together! Ten or twelve little books. I used to point out words for her to read to me, and now she can do whole sentences! In these, she did a few entire pages! Three or four sentences maybe to a page, and just amazing! She read easily several words I didn’t have any idea that she knew, like missed. That’s a long word!

The rest of the morning was just as lovely. Serenity wanted to do crafts, so we got out her Do-A-Dot markers. She made a picture, and still wanted to do more, so I printed several coloring sheets for the circle markers. She loved filling them in with her markers, and then she found circle stickers to fill them in again, so we got twice the fun out of them! She spent hours on this today. I love it when a whole morning goes by and she doesn’t even ask for television. I’m thinking of getting rid of it altogether =)

We ran some errands together, and then while she was “napping” (really playing in her secret room) I got the house cleaned and organized yet again, and finished the mountain of laundry. Plus I cleaned out my car and vacuumed. I’m so sore! I’m way out of shape, I need to find some kind of exercise I can do to stretch out my muscles some. Maybe yoga. Anybody know a good pre-natal yoga class or dvd?

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