Serenity in May =)

by Chrissie Wainright on May 27th, 2011
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Happy Mother’s Day to me! Serenity ran to me this morning and said, “Mama, I wrote your name on this paper for you!” She did this all by herself, and it’s the first time. She’s written Mama before, but usually I peel the stickers, and ask her which letters she wants. She has no idea it’s Mother’s Day either, but I got my first handmade card. =) Life is so sweet =)

In other cute news, I think I figured out why she is so fascinated with climbing inside my shirt lately. Today she said, I want to get in your shirt! Gonzo is in there! So she stuck her head inside my shirt and cuddled up to me. She is such a snuggler, I love her so much!

Ok, the rest of the day was just as interesting =) Mom came over to have lunch with us, and Serenity decided she’d like to make some gingerbread people. So while Mom and I chatted, I cut out some sticky foam shapes for Serenity to decorate her gingerbread people with. She ended up requesting a white bed, pillow, and covers for her gingerbread baby, and she put him to bed. (we play this game a lot, with play-doh, her stuffed animals and scarves, and so on. =) But this time she was playing with his face, and she used a crescent for a smiley face. Then she turned it upside down and said he was sad, that he “misses his Mama.” Then she requested tears so she could make her gingerbread baby look really pitiful. Then she made him a Mama gingerbread, and flipped his sad face around again. Then she got a door to put on top of Mama, and made him sad again. It’s fun that she’s learning about emotions and how they are expressed!!!
She found Daddy’s baseball stuff, and after putting on his batting glove, hat and mitt and pretending to throw and hit for a while, took off her clothes and said she needed her baseball shirt. I didn’t think she had one, but I followed her up the stairs to look. Turns out her pink shirt with the rhinestone number 3 on it is her baseball shirt, it has numbers just like the baseball players she saw at Daddy’s game =)

She had an absolute blast at Carson’s birthday party Saturday. It was held at the Tulsa World of Gymnastics. She swung on the rings, used balance beams and trampolines, and spent a long time jumping into this big pool full of foam cubes. She was completely fearless, and one of the mom’s helping around the pit asked if she had older brothers, if that was where she learned all these acrobatics. They’re pretty much genetic I believe. =) Although her cousins do enjoy egging her on! I almost didn’t convince her to leave, thank goodness Kelly had balloons with the goodie bags, because she kept darting out of reach and I wasn’t about to waddle after her with my eight and a half month pregnant belly. =) She was exhausted, but so so happy. She kept asking to go to Carson’s party again! And she spent the last two hours before bed playing with the “Very Special Balloon” that Aunt Kelly gave her. =)

Serenity’s reading is getting better and better… and she is becoming a bit intolerant of mistakes. When we’re reading, she always notices if one of us says something wrong (which is part memorization probably), and she’ll say, “I’m sorry” and won’t let us turn the page until we say it correctly. She’ll also say “I’m sorry” if she’s just not ready to turn the page, sometimes she likes to really look carefully at a particular picture or word. It’s very cute =)

She has a robot voice now, thanks to a Backyardigans episode. “All systems, A-OK.” It’s hilarious. The little cartoon people on that show actually have some serious dance moves, and Serenity and Daddy danced along with their best robot moves. Super cute!

Serenity is still addicted to her sticky tape. She uses it to fix everything from her Yookidoo to the hole in one of our upholstered chairs.

Yesterday we made the mistake of leaving some paper towels in the floor. She found one and tore off a looooong string of towels, and then said with a brilliant smile, “I’m making a beautiful, beautiful quilt!!!” She was so thrilled =)

Serenity slept till 8am this morning. Usually this would mean an equally lazy morning for Mama, but for whatever reason my brain woke up and wouldn’t let me stay in bed longer than 5:30. When Eric woke up it was so sweet though. Watching our baby girl sleep is so sweet. All we could do was grin in amazement and joy at each other. I love them so much.

Serenity's Nose to Nose Game =)

Serenity's Nose to Nose Game =)

My sleepy family =)  Eric is just barely hanging onto the bed... mostly the fault of my pillow tower.

My sleepy family =) Eric is just barely hanging onto the bed... mostly the fault of my pillow tower.

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