Fourth of July Fun!

by Chrissie Wainright on July 27th, 2011
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We went to the cabin this year for the fourth of July. We got to see so much of my side of the family, and we had a blast! The community up there hosts a spectacular fireworks show, and they had lots of fun games like three legged races, volleyball tournaments, and other activities. Eric had so much fun he said that he thinks we should go there every year for the festivities!

Donovan was so little I got to stay in the air conditioning most of the time. I did walk down for the beginning of the games and got to see Serenity, Barrett and Casey participate in a donut dangle. They also had a slip n slide, which was a hit even though Eric had to push Serenity every time so she could slide down it. Serenity also got her very first snow cone! I am so ashamed that it took nearly three years to get her her first snow cone! Well, her first three snow cones. They were a hit to say the least. =) Eric managed to get enough of the family together to have a team for volleyball. They got eliminated early, but Eric already has plans to make sure KaLynn is there next year!

The fireworks were spectacular. Even the ones that various families were shooting off before the real show got started were wonderful, and the ones the community bought were amazing! I’ve never been so close to fireworks, I had to squint at times they were so bright! And I loved that we didn’t have to fight crowds! Donovan slept through all the fireworks, and to my complete astonishment Serenity also fell asleep in my lap halfway through the show! I know it was late but how they slept through even the sonic boom fireworks is beyond me. =) It was so sweet though with both my babies cuddled in my lap.

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