Serenity’s Rainbow Birthday

by Chrissie Wainright on July 27th, 2011
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The rainbow party was a great success! Serenity loved it. =) She looked so cute in her little rainbow silk skirt.

Favorite Moments: Raegan was in the kitchen and asked for a cupcake. Kelly explained that we hadn’t sung Happy Birthday so it wasn’t time for cupcakes yet. Then she noticed that Serenity was sitting at the buffet and eating a cupcake her Papa had gotten down for her. She looked up with a big grin and said, “Happy Birthday to me!” Birthday girls get cupcakes whenever they ask =)

Jen made beautiful rainbow cupcakes… with an incredible amount of food coloring. We got lots of crazy colored tongue pictures!

The rainbow hand bells were a big hit!

I think the surprise fun this year was the rainbow parade! I had purchased a bunch of rainbow ribbon streamers, thinking they would be fun for people to dance with and make great favors. Well, since I had made the rainbow tent favors, I thought these might get lost in the shuffle, but then Eric started the Rainbow Parade! All the kids got streamers and danced in circles around the living room! It was such fun Henry and Serenity kept doing it at our house the whole next week!

Animal rescuing was fun for everyone =) And we are still doing it at home =)

I’ve been getting pictures from people who used their rainbow tent party favors! I’m so excited that they work and people enjoy them! Ben sent Eric a text saying that Max and Frank voted them the best goodie bags ever. And Jen sent me photos of tents she and the boys made at the cabin. We used Henry and Serenity’s kits to make a big tent in our living room. Such fun!

Thanks to everyone that participated in the photobooth! I'm so excited to get the book put together!

All the pictures are published on my phanfare site =)

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