Henry’s Visit =)

by Chrissie Wainright on July 28th, 2011
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Jack, Patricia and Henry came to see us!! They are so awesome =) We had a blast! We spent a lot of time just visiting and catching up, and playing with the kids. They had a lot of fun actually playing together! They played Hi-Ho Cherry-o, and sometimes even got it out by themselves to play. We had to deal with Serenity biting Henry, which was a bummer. Donovan loved Patricia just like Serenity did when she was a baby, and Jack got big smiles from Donovan for his funny faces.

Serenity and Henry were in the middle of potty training so that was a big part of our days. Cleaning up, coercing them to sit on the potty, watching Serenity get competitive about potty training. Jack would tell Henry it was time to try to potty and Serenity would run in so she could snag the frog potty first…even if she didn’t really need to go.

We tried to do any out of the house stuff in the mornings since it has been a crazy hot summer. We went to Bounce University, Kaleidoscope kid’s museum, story time at the library, the splash park, Porter Peach Festival, and of course they were here for Serenity’s birthday party! It was such a wonderful visit, I’m SO glad they came! Serenity is too, she actually said to me today, “I’m so excited Henry came to visit!”

We got to do several crafts =) Fun with sticky tape, sand art, and gluing sequins. =)


I’ll post all the pics on phanfare, although Patricia and Jack took better ones than I did =)

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