Serenity’s First Day of School!

by Chrissie Wainright on August 18th, 2011
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Serenity’s first day of school!!!

Serenity is just so excited about school.  The day we went to register she sang the whole way to school, “I’m going to school!  I’m going to school!”  She has no fears or qualms about it either, she just dove right into the toys and slides, occasionally introducing herself to classmates.  When I took her into school we passed one of her teachers and I pointed her out, and Serenity said, “Hi Miss Poleman, I’m Serenity!”  I just wonder how many times she introduces herself to her teachers and classmates =)  After I dropped her off I wanted to go right back, not because I was worried or sad, but because I was so CURIOUS!!  I just want to know how she reacts to everything, and what they do, and how she gets along with the other kids.  But I resisted poking my head back in to see what was going on and headed out to my birthday brunch with Jen.

When I finally got to pick her up, her first words to me were, “I wanted to stand by the blue flag but I had to stand by the green flag.”  Hopefully she didn’t complain too much to Miss Parent about having to stand by the wrong flag!  (The flags correspond to my spot in the pickup line.)  When I asked her about my day, she told me she slid down the slide with Lauren.  Lauren was the only other kid she mentioned by name, unless I asked about some of the others we met at registration.  Evidently she also wanted to play at the water table with Lauren but instead she colored.
I kept asking lots of questions, and learned other little tidbits about her day.  She did a parts of the body dance with Mrs. McBride in Science class.  They sang ABC’s in music class.. probably also a song about four little blackbirds sitting on a cloud, two named quiet, two named loud, as I found her singing that in the bathroom later in the evening.

When I got her out of the car, she said, “Welcome Home said Mama” which may have been from a book they read…


And then, at bedtime she told me “you cooperate at school… but I didn’t.”  But she said she’d cooperate on Thursday  So evidently she did something she wasn’t supposed to, but I don’t know what! And I think a teacher told her no and she cried about that, possibly that was when she was told she has to cooperate at school.  I guess I’ll have to wait and see if the teacher says there are problems.  Oh, and she was still wearing the same dress and panties I put on her in the morning, so no accidents at school yet!  She told me she used both potties.


Oh, and just as a note so we remember, she has five teachers in her classroom, although they might not all always be in there.  I’ve met Miss Parent, Miss Poleman, and Mrs. McBride.  The specialties for the days she goes are Music, Science, and Words.


Serenity's First Papers from School =)

Serenity with her Backpack =)

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