Serenity at Six Weeks

by Chrissie Wainright on August 25th, 2008
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It is so much fun to watch Serenity grow!  She’s learning so many things, and so quickly! We have started having lots of play time on the floor.  She still loves tummy time, but now sometimes she just wants to lie on her back and kick and wave arms!!!  She looks at her toys, like her butterfly and tigger rattle.  I’ve been singing the Wheels on the Bus and doing the leg movements.  She smiles a lot for that!!
I’ve been reading her the soft baby books she got from Abbey and Andrea.  She likes the cow and the pig from her farm book, and the whale from the ocean book.  She really stares at them!  
Serenity can roll from her tummy to her back!  I kind of think the stars have to align properly for her to do it, but it’s been three times now so it’s more than just a fluke…  It scares her a little, she cried after she landed on her back.  But it’s so amazing all the things she is learning to do! 

She’s a real talker!  All the time she’s awake, she’s making little noises.  Coos, squeals, and all other kinds of little talking sounds.  She really sounds like she’s telling me something =)  And sometimes, like when she has the hiccups, it sounds like she’s complaining =)  So funny!


Still loves to talk to the mobile!


Eric has been taking her into the bathroom so she can be soothed by the white noise when she’s having trouble falling asleep… it’s funny, the noise Eric hates the most Serenity loves =)

I started making a canvas with her footprints on it… she still has blue paint on her little toenails!!!

Serenity liked doing the laundry… Eric explained every piece of clothing as they worked… this is a sock, you wear it on your foot, like that =)

Eric loves wearing Serenity in this sling!


 We went to see Aisha and her Mom in Napa.  It was so great for her to get to meet Serenity!  Eric drove us (for which I am still grateful!)  She actually did sleep in the car on the whole way there, and she let me pacify her on the way back so it wasn’t as miserable as I thought it would be!   And when we got there she was all smiles for Aisha and her Mom =) Image

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