Love Thursday(A day late =): Thanksgiving

by Chrissie Wainright on November 29th, 2008
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Since Thursday was Thanksgiving, I want to write about all our wonderful Thanksgiving fun.  (That’s also why this post is a day late, I just finished the dishes =)  We got to have two Thanksgiving dinners this year, one at Henry’s house, and the other with Eric’s parents.  As Jack and Patricia’s baby Henry is just three weeks old, I did most of the cooking for the first dinner.  And as my baby is still not regular in her habits, I picked easy food to cook.  Serenity was actually very helpful.  She watched me from her Jumperoo while I peeled sweet potatoes, and took naps at strategic intervals so I could get stuff in and out of the oven.  I am so glad we continued this tradition of having Thanksgiving with our friends.  It was even sweeter this year as we had four babies, Zach, Aidan, Serenity and Henry!  They are SO cute, and you all know there is nothing I love more than babies!!!  (According to Gavin, I am addicted.)
 Thanksgiving Day we spent with Eric’s parents in Cupertino.  We all went to the park and played with Serenity, and then enjoyed a wonderful dinner cooked by Ann.  We played games and had a nice, relaxed visit.
 In other fun, I went nuts baking =)  I made Mimi’s date cake and enjoyed thinking about all the times we baked together.  I need to buy a flour sifter so I can do it right the next time =)  I also made chocolate sheet cake and wished I could send some to my brother David, as it’s his favorite.  John was very appreciative of the chocolate cake though, so it did not go to waste =)  I love baking things that people enjoy.  Some of my very happiest news is that after 15 years I have finally turned Eric into a pie eater.  He requested, and received, banana pie this Thanksgiving!! Yay!!
 Serenity enjoyed getting lots of attention from everyone.  She loves to smile at people, although when she gets sleepy she prefers to be held by Mom or Dad while she interacts with the funny people.  =)  
Eric remembers this Thanksgiving as Swing Day!!  We took Serenity to the park in the morning, and we let her swing in the baby swing by herself!  She LOVED it!  She smiled so big!!!  We couldn’t resist taking her a second time to show Ann and John how much she loves it =)  

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