Christmas 2007

by Chrissie Wainright on January 29th, 2008
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We had such a wonderful Christmas this year!  We had so much fun I’ll have to condense it a bit to make this post a reasonable length =)

This year, Eric and I made fleece blankets for our Christmas presents.  It was a lot of fun!  Jo-ann’s has a great selection of fleece, so we tried to find appropriate colors and designs for everyone.  The best reaction we got was from Joyce.  Hers had penguins on it!  Everyone liked them!  Now if we can only come up with something wonderful for next year! =) Image
I got to spend two weeks in Tulsa, and Eric joined me for the second week.  =)  I arrived in Iceland on Wednesday….  well, Tulsa really, but it was a disaster area!  Trees everywhere!  Casey had described the tree in his neighbor’s yard as a tree moat, which I told him was the perfect description!  Fortunately, Mom’s power came back on so I had a nice warm place to stay.   
Mom has an absolutely wonderful playroom in her new house!  She has this great train set, and a kitchen set.  Barrett especially loves the choo-choos.  He’s addicted to them really =)  All his birthday presents were either trains or cars!  He likes trains so much he’d “read” his Thomas catalogue, sometimes by himself, sometimes sitting in my lap. All the kids love the kitchen set.  Barrett likes the chips best.  Casey makes huge meals and takes orders (Mexican, yummy!)  Raegan likes the sink best, on Thursday she spent the first 15 minutes washing her hands! 
 Casey is getting really good at board games.  We played Bingo, Chinese Checkers, Memory and Guess Who!  We played Go Fish too, but since Raegan and Casey laid their cards face up, it was hard for me =)  They won that!  Raegan liked playing with the marbles from the checker set.  She was so good though, she’d only take out one at a time! Raegan and I had fun snuggling on the couch, spinning, coloring, playing kitchen.  We spent hours one day pretending to eat spaghetti and chocolate with the pretend food =)  Mmmm!  I was so glad she remembered me! 
We watched Charlotte’s Web, and Casey pretended to be Wilbur.  He climbed into the baby jail that was for Kiley.  Raegan and Barrett did too!  Funny how kids like being caged. =)
  Bingo!  Mom, Casey, Barrett and I played Bingo!  Mom got this great Bingo set for kids.  It had things like animals on different colors, so you could call blue tiger, purple cow, that sort of thing.  Other boards had shapes, numbers, and even math problems!  Barrett said thank you whenever I gave him a game piece.  He just enjoyed collecting the game pieces, but when I asked him to find the cow, or find the tiger, he liked doing that! 

Mimi took me to get my first maternity clothes!  The sales lady offered to let me try things on, and I was very confused.  They say to buy your pre-pregnancy size, but surely it shouldn’t fit now!  Then Jen came and showed me the belly =)  So it was fun to try on! (Casey warned that I wouldn’t think it was so fun when the baby was actually that big)  Evidently I’m going to get huge!  I can’t wait =)  Mimi didn’t know about the pillow.  She thought I was really showing!  I got three pants and three shirts, and some pjs. 

The boys loved pretending Eric was a donkey, horse, or a pig.  He wore himself out giving rides!  The day everyone else went to the mall, Eric was relieved to get to babysit instead of having to go shopping on Christmas Eve.  He was amazed that they never got tired of riding on his back while he ran the exact same route around the house.  Then, we’d toss them on the mattress in the living room =) 


Raegan loved getting big hugs.  I’d squeeze her tight and make a noise like nnnnn!  (Like Grandma Bair used to)  She started leaning into me and making the noise =)
We played Risk with the kids.  I won because Alex had a pact with Alli, then talked her into overextending herself.  He killed her, Eric finished him, and I finished Eric!  We actually played a lot =)  Alex was excited, he’d never played with anyone who would actually finish a game of Risk with him. 
Kyle has been working at Mom’s, stripping wallpaper, chopping branches, general helpfulness.  He told Mom he was her 24 hour maintenance man =)  He brought Kiley over.  She’s a sweetheart!  She let me carry her around and play with her, no problem.  She’s very active, pulling up and almost standing!
We made tamales from scratch for Christmas!  This was a project we’d been wanting to do for a long time, so we were all so excited to really get to do it!  Rosario came over and taught us how to make them.  Originally, Mom told her we needed 40, but I told her we needed at least 60, and then I amended that to be 100.  We ended up with 184!!!  Image
We got back to California on Christmas Day.  Tina had just gotten in to town a couple of days before, so it was perfect!  We went over to the Cupertino house and had a wonderful lunch and opened presents.  I got several good movies and beautiful new clothes.  (I can even still wear them!)  Tina gave us kites!!!!  Eric and I were thrilled!!!  I love to fly kites, and these are adorable!
We celebrated our Christmas on Christmas morning after we recovered from the flight home.  We started by opening our stockings.  I was thrilled to see that Eric had filled the baby’s stocking!  I had wanted so badly to buy something to put in it, but I hadn’t found anything I loved before I left for Oklahoma.  He got the cutest little hooded bath towel!  It’s so sweet!  And he’s so thoughtful!!!

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