by Chrissie Wainright on July 27th, 2003
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I worked for a time at a wonderful store called Rathbones. I had hoped to work in their floral arranging department, but they were just setting up a new store, and I think that that was even better, because I got to see how they set up a new flower shop from scratch. They sold antiques, home decor things, and in the fall, they are primarily a Christmas shop. So I put up more than a dozen Christmas trees this year! Becky took me with her to some commercial and residential sites to put up other peoples trees as well. I really enjoyed working there, and I know much more about setting up displays for retail shops. One of the best parts was that Mom bought a new tree and some garland and ornaments, so I got to put my new knowledge to work! I also got a little wedding experience. I helped Becky make corsages and bouttonieres, as well as little poseys to decorate the wedding cake. By that point she trusted me enough that I got to deliver it all myself!

Rathbones tips for Christmas Trees: 1.) Buy a pre-lit tree. It’s SO much easier! But if you don’t want to spend the money, use about a hundred lights per foot of tree and be sure to wrap each branch from the inside to the tip to give the tree depth. 2.) Don’t “tip” the ornaments. Put some of them in deep in the tree, again for depth.

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