Birthday Scavenger Hunt

by Chrissie Wainright on July 27th, 2003
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While Doris was in town, we decided to celebrate our birthdays together, since we all have summer birthdays. Doris and Andrea came over to spend the night, and in the morning, we took off on our wonderful birthday scavenger hunt that Eric created for us. We had a goal of getting 72 points, with a certain number of points awarded to each crazy picture collected. Some of the pictures came with the disclaimer that it might not be a good or legal idea to take them, but there were more than enough options if we chose not to risk riding donkeys or penguin statues. We were often creative in getting pictures, check out Chrissie getting “covered by water”. That picture also worked for the waterfall. We made human pyramids, took pictures on a slide, took pictures of us making jewelry, found a creative way to send an I Love You to Aisha, and that’s just a few of the crazy fun things we did!

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