Serenity in September

by Chrissie Wainright on September 30th, 2011
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Serenity was telling me some things about Emerson, a girl at her school.  I told her she should tell them to Emerson, because it makes people feel good to hear nice things about themselves.  Then she looked at me and said, “You’re so pretty Mama”  =)


Serenity has started making up some complicated stories!  She spent about fifteen minutes telling me this story, and using some foam blocks as props.  =)  I’m recording it as best as I can remember it, but it was very long!


I’m going to tell you a story about me and Thomas.  First we climbed a mountain, then I took the green slide, and Thomas took the red slide.  Then we landed in the grass.  Then we rolled and rolled.  Then we walked through the forest.  Then we saw a cave.  It was dark.  Sometimes caves are dark, sometimes they’re light!  And then we walked through Lollipop Woods.


I’m going to tell you a story about me and Thomas.  We went to a party!  And we were wearing our own clothes.  Then we went shopping for clothes and we said, ‘those clothes are funny!’  Tee hee.  Then it was a costume party.  I was wearing a cat costume, and Thomas was a dog!  Woof!!  (hee hee)  We were wearing shoes and then we went shopping and tried on shoes.  When we went to the party, we rode in our cars.  Thomas’s car is yellow.  My car is blue.


We went through the woods. And we ran and ran and ran (she’s started repeating words three times for emphasis a lot, so cute. =)


There was more!  It was such fun =)


We play Legos nearly every day. We even added a supermarket set (she loves the wheelbarrow/ cart) and a tubes set (which Eric and I think is awesome, and she likes it too of course =)


Driving down the road Serenity said “That cloud looks like Japan!!!”  (It did =)


She also saw me messing with some playdoh, just squeezing it randomly, and declared, that looks like Togo, so she ran over and took it to lay it out flat.  Then she said, “now make Malta!”
Since she is now potty trained and can wash her hands all by herself using her stool… she has figured out that she can now get water whenever she wants.  This has led to me washing quite a few loads of towels.  She had two plastic cups out and was pouring water back and forth between them, and when I found her she looked up and told me she was “selling water!”  She was very excited and did not mind a bit that the floor was sopping wet. =)  Now we limit our water selling to the bathrooms and it works just fine.



I looked over to the kitchen when Serenity said, “Hey Mama, look at me!” She had climbed in a drawer and was standing up in it.  I said, “Serenity, I am worried that you will fall out of that or break it and get hurt.”  She calmly responded, “Don’t worry Mom!”  =)  Not exactly the response I was looking for. =)


I’m always hungry for news of school and what exactly Serenity does there, so having some of her classmates over for a playdate was awesome.  And one of the other moms told me that her daughter said Serenity was “friendly.”  That was so great to hear =)  I can imagine that sometimes she is extremely friendly =)  Hopefully it’s mostly her willingness to say, “Hi, I’m Serenity!” and not her occasional tendency to give hugs that end up as tackles.  The other mom was also glad that the girls got along so well so lots of happy things to hear. =)


Serenity is telling so many stories!  She always starts them, “I’m going to tell you a story about____”  Sometimes it’s her friends from school, sometimes it’s about talking Cheerios.  It’s always fun!  She’s also narrating her own actions like she’s writing her own story.  Today we were playing on the play structure my Dad has been improving.  She was collecting treasure, and she said, “I have collected so much treasure, Serenity said.  She climbed into the pirate ship with her treasure!”  Yes, she said all that.  So cute.


She has really beautiful eyelashes.  She got them from her Daddy =)


Gymnastics has been a big hit!  She loves to practice her moves jumping on her bed.  We haven’t gotten to watch her yet, except what I can see from the party room.  She’s working on head stands, balance beams, rolls, and jumps, including a tuck jump and a “frazzle” jump.  I think frazzle is supposed to be straddle, where she jumps and shoots her legs out to each side.


Dad put in a big expansion to the play structure in the back yard, so now there’s a little treehouse or deck that’s big enough for us all to sit in and play.  Serenity’s calling it a pirate ship right now, and collecting treasure from all over the yard.  We’ve added wind chimes and a triangle to start a music wall, and it’s lots of fun already!


She actually sang us a few of her school songs!  She sang her Egyptians song, which is to the tune of Gilligan’s Island.  “The Egyptians built the pyramids they lived long long ago, Mummies, pharaohs and hieroglyphs, upon the River Nile, upon the River Nile.  Imhotep was an architect the first one of his kind, a Queen named Nefertiti, a pharaoh named King Tut, a pharaoh named King Tut.  Or something like that =)  It’s so cute.  She’s also singing a bunch of patriotic songs like “It’s a Grand Old Flag.”  They’re learning about their senses in Science class, most recently touch.  She liked taste because she got to taste something lemony.


We played a lot of dress up today!  Kelly gave us some of Raegan’s things, an angel dress and a Fancy Nancy dress, and Serenity took turns playing in each of them. =)


Her bedtime routine has altered a little.  She doesn’t really ask for songs or counting things anymore.  We still read as many books as she can talk us into of course, but now nearly every night she reads us one or two as well.  And then when we give her hugs we tell her our favorite parts of the day.  Eric always does three things.  It’s nice!


My favorite paper that she brought home from school so far. She told me "This is Ecuador. It looks just like the country Ecuador!"


Robot graphing rocks!



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