Donovan is Five Months Old!

by Chrissie Wainright on November 7th, 2011
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Five Months!





Donovan is five months old today!  We’ve been on vacation so it’s been awhile since I updated, and boy has he been busy!  He now rolls like crazy!  While we were in Cali one day he just started rolling repeatedly until he ran into the couch, and he’d do it nearly any time he was lying down.  So he is definitely mobile now.  He’s also mastered the tripod sit just this week.  Suddenly I noticed I wasn’t having to help him sit up straight.  Until about yesterday he’d usually fold fairly quickly, which never looked comfortable, but he never complained.  So many new developments!  He still loves to stand (with help of course) and he managed a little crawling, according to Far far.  He uses his head and toes to crawl so he just goes maybe a foot, but he is working on it.


He is still amazingly content, and so sweet and friendly!  He smiles at everyone, likes to be held by everyone, except for the obvious times that just require Mama like mealtimes.  I can’t count the number of times people pointed out that he’s so quiet and content.  I even got thanked and congratulated by several people on the airplanes for my well-behaved children.  The plane trips did go amazingly well, lucky us!  He has a new favorite toy, a rainbow colored ball that Vanaema got at IKEA.  It’s apparently very tasty, and fuzzy, and easy to grab.


He still wakes up once a night to eat and diaper change, and usually sleeps the rest of the night with me in the chair.  We are considering moving us all upstairs though, because when we got back last night and put him in his cradle, he looked like he barely fit!  He still loves the woombie, and uses it for most sleep.


He got to swing at the park in Cali, and really seemed to love it.  He’s done it a few times before this, but our lunches with Daddy are usually right around naptime for him, so it’s been more sleepy swinging than excited.  This was definitely exciting.  He’s also started using the Jumperoo!  At first he just played with the toys, especially chewing on the sun and spinning the frog.  But now he does this crazy running kind of move where he bounces off one leg and then another.  So cool!


He still makes lots of cooing noises, which often still sound like Hiiii, although he has added a few consonants. =)  Like “booof”  He makes raspberry sounds and blows bubbles, and finds both hilarious whether he’s the one doing it or you are.  One day I was randomly making V sounds and it just set him to giggling every time.  Also jumping children will invariably make him laugh. Both Raegan and Serenity have gotten him into hysterical laughter with this one.  And when Serenity counts or says the alphabet.  That seems to get him going too =)  I just love it!


He was adorable in his Curious George outfit for Halloween.  The monkey sweater probably won’t last him all winter though, he’s so big!  He loves the banana rattle I made to go with it, and Eric was very cute in his matching Man with the Yellow Hat costume.  =)


We are so lucky to have Donovan in our family.  I just love him so much!  His sweet little personality is really starting to show, and I love every minute with him.


Serenity reading to Donovan =) He seems to like Moo Baa La La La, but Squishy Turtle is the tastiest =)


Finally got one of his tongue out! He does this all the time!


Raegan jumping is hilarious!

Curious George with his Banana










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  • Joyce & Bruce

    Chrissie and Eric, What great pictures and stories. We loved this. Think of you all often.

    Love ya