by Chrissie Wainright on November 8th, 2011
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Another crafty Halloween!  I love this age where she doesn’t mind that her costumes are homemade =)  This year, she initially asked me to make a cat, but while I was googling ideas for something more than just ears and a tail, a picture of Lemon Meringue popped up.  She saw it and immediately loved it!  Lemon is Strawberry Shortcake’s friend, and she has yellow hair and blue eyes just like Serenity.  It was perfect!  I freely admit to funding this obsession, I got her the doll before she even cared about dolls, and continue to buy books every time we see a new one.  And we got a bunch of dollhouse sized dolls for her too from the Strawberry Shortcake set.  It’s fun to see stuff from my childhood that she loves so much!

The costume itself was easy, Lemon basically just wears lemon and aqua clothes!  You can see more about how I made it on my cleverfaeries site.  It was so much fun I made her two outfits, a purse to carry her candy, and a headband!

Donovan of course, had to be Curious George!  I almost did that for Serenity’s first costume, and thought about it ever since.  The only problem with it was that we already had the monkey sweater, and nothing I made could be as adorable!  But since I still wanted Donovan to have something made by me, I made his accessories.  George got a banana, and his friend the Man with the Yellow Hat.  Eric loves matching the kids. =)  Maybe next year I’ll give in and make myself something too.  I procrastinated a little too much this year to get anything else done =)


We took the kids to a Halloween Carnival at Whiteside Park.  Serenity loved it!  It’s just five dollars and they have a bounce house =)  So that’s money well spent right there.  She jumped at least half the time we were there.  She also enjoyed the games, and got a lot of her favorite candy.  The only sad moment was when Eric convinced her to try the “spooky lab”  They had that thing where you reach in and feel spaghetti… Eric even just told her it was something gross or yucky, and she said she wanted to do it, but then she cried.  The girl showed her it was spaghetti, but still, tears.

Donovan and Eric were a big hit =)  So many comments and compliments!  I’m so glad I went ahead and made the bright yellow pants.  I wasn’t going to, but then I figured out how to do it with fleece I had on hand so I went for it.  They are a terrible fit but I learned from the care bear costume that fleece doesn’t stretch much, and I wanted him to be able to get them on!  The belt makes it work just fine though.


We did our actual Trick-or-Treating in California, and I’ll have another post for that trip coming up!  But we had a blast. =)  Far Far dressed up like a card and went with us, and then Vanaema dressed up as a witch and went too!  Andrew, Marilyn, and Evan the chocolate chip muffin came by too!  Serenity’s goal was to get twenty pieces of candy, and on her first trip out she came back with exactly that!  They made a second little foray to visit one of Ann’s friends and she got a few more later.  Counting it was fun though, I haven’t done the candy pile in a long time.

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