Serenity in October

by Chrissie Wainright on November 9th, 2011
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Here’s Serenity’s monthly post…  a little bit late =)  It’s been a busy month, but such fun!  School activities, her first sleepover with Grandma, and more!

Dancing like crazy at Uncle Bobby and Auntie Xiao's wedding!

10/5/11 She was watching a show talking about what people would be when they grow up and she says “Big Sister.”


She’s still loving school.  They’ve started a new unit in Science now that they’ve finished up studying the five senses.  They’re learning about habitats, and Serenity’s been singing one of the songs Mrs. McBride taught them.  Evidently habitats include shelter, water, food, and space.  She asked me Tuesday what I thought the letter of the week was, and when she got to school she dashed right into her classroom.  Then she popped back out, eyes shining, and said, “The letter of the week is X!!!!” and dashed right back in. =)  Today I used our big cookie cutters and gave her X shaped cheese and bread for lunch.



First Sleepover with Grandma!  She was so excited for this sleepover =)  Not nervous about being away from Mama and Daddy at all.  They’ve had a blast, playing outside, swinging, playing dominoes, watching Sleeping Beauty, and playing with baby dolls.  Mom called to tell me a few of the funniest details.  She was swinging in the swing and having a conversation with Maggie, one of Mom’s dogs.  “Ok Maggie, I’ll watch you run and you watch me swing!”  Then when Maggie just sat there and stared at her while she swung, she said, “No fair, I didn’t get to see you run!”  Later on she and Mom took a shower in Mom’s fancy new shower.  Serenity asked, “Grandma, why do we have to do this.”  Mom replied, “To get the dirties off!”  Serenity started looking at herself all over, and said, “I have dirties?!?”  Serenity also said that the shower felt so tickly, especially whenever it got her sides, and she just giggled and giggled.  When Mom started to turn off the shower, she said, “Oh Grandma, can’t we stay in the warm water?  It feels sooo sooo good!”  She finally got out with the promise of another shower in the morning. =)  Then, at bedtime, she said, “Grandma, can I watch a movie?”  Grandma replied, “Serenity, it’s time to go to bed, if I turn a movie on will you go to sleep?”  Grandma, if I close my eyes I can’t see very well!”  So true. =)  Mom texted me “You should see her squinting.  “I’ll try Grandma!”


She stayed all night and was happy as could be!



We had our first parent teacher conference today!  It went very well, and I was so happy to get to talk about what happens at school!  I can never get enough details from Serenity.
Ms. Parent told us when she was reading her words one day she got to Donovan’s name and she said, “I really love this one a lot.”


Overall the conference went great.  Serenity is adjusting to school well, and she loves it.  She has some problems with doing what the teachers say, for example leaving the playground, but she’s showing improvement already.  She wants to cooperate (if she doesn’t she loses a letter from the word cooperate, which is a tragedy.)  She will tell me when she gets in the car if she got to pick an eraser that day, and what kind she got.  And sometimes she said, “I didn’t cooperate today.”  Whoops.  She already knows her letters and can read so Ms. Parent works on her with spelling her words that she chooses for word work.  She’s also learning to write the words so I get to hear a lot about diagonal, horizontal, and vertical lines.  So cute!  I try to get her to show me a little at home on our white board.  She doesn’t yet grip the pencil reliably, but she tries!    She is still always excited to go, and I hope that never changes!



I got to go into her class to work on the class art project, which was such fun!  I chose to make a handprint quilt, with the help of Thomas’s mom, Jenni.  So each child got to choose what they wanted their handprint to be, either a heart, a dinosaur, a butterfly, or a fish, and what color they wanted.  It was fun to see Serenity actually in the class.  When she had something to say, (like “I feel done” when she’d finished coloring) she spoke right up in her clear voice.  Not a bit shy it seems.  Ms. Parent says she seems to sit with Stella during circle time, and they often talk.  Although Stella seemed pretty quiet when I was in the class, so I wonder if she’s talking or if Serenity is talking TO her. =)  Serenity talks more about Lauren and Emerson though, and Kiev.


I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet a conversation it seems like I have a lot with Serenity.  She gets hurt, or is crying for something, and I ask her what happened.  “Why are you crying?  What made you sad?”

“I have a tear.”

I know, what made you cry?

“Because I’m sad.”

Why are you sad?

“Because I have a tear”


Repeat until I give up =)


She makes such interesting connections.  Like the other day she told me Ladybugs are ladies.  And her sippy cup is a Munchkin brand, and she read that word off the top of it.  Then she said, “It’s a kin that munches!” I didn’t even know that she knew the word munch, much less that it was a verb.

Using her bucket as a stool... she also uses this to climb on TOP of her little playhouse.


Jogathon at school! Raises money for science and p.e.


Jen did a few laps with Serenity and said the track created issues for her... she had to walk on all the numbers, jump from diamond to diamond, and from letter to letter. She couldn't just run of course! =)


Donovan now plays dress up with Serenity... whether he wants to or not =)


Making a cave out of couch cushions. Time for baby bear to hibernate =) Or watch Little Bear.


Making a jack-o-lantern out of tissue paper, contact paper and a face cut out of construction paper. It turned out cute with a green ribbon "stem" (handle)


Snow Princess needed a crown. She's getting good with glue!


Modeling an outfit Raegan gave us =) She's trying to show the boots =)


She loves gymnastics!


Flamingo Day =) After she ate some algae out of her sand box while pretending to be a flamingo, I decided to make some play food for flamingos. Shrimp! So we fed them, made them a lake and nests, and practiced our flamingo dancing! (Stand on one leg, flap those wings!)




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