December 1st!

by Chrissie Wainright on December 1st, 2011
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December 1st

It’s barely ten in the morning and I’m already so excited about our day!  Serenity has been asking every day about checking the advent calendar and today at last it’s December!  When I asked her to stand in front of the advent calendar for a picture, she wrapped it right around herself and grinned.  =)  She was thrilled to find a tootsie roll in the calendar.  (She’s been asking for gummies but I haven’t been able to find those again yet.  I’m thrilled that she remembers last December’s advent calendar so well though! )  The activity for today was singing.  I loaded up some new Christmas music on the ipod.  Michael Buble’s Jingle Bells was the first song up and we all sang and danced immediately.  Then we all laughed when Serenity announced, “I know how to dash!” and ran around the house when we got to that part of the song.  Donovan just smiled at Daddy’s dancing.  So much fun!!  We enjoyed the music all the way to school! (I got my speakers repaired finally and had a cord for the ipad installed so we are no longer at the mercy of the radio.)


It’s a big day for Donovan too, his first solid foods!  He banged away merrily at the high chair tray, and he was definitely ready and willing for food.  He opened his mouth wide and chomped right down on the spoon.  It might feel good to his gums, his little teeth are still starting to come through on the bottom.  He blew a few bubbles and got quite a bit on him, but it was a success!  We’ll try again tomorrow.


When I took Serenity to school, we chose a name off the angel tree at her school.  When I was trying to explain the concept, I tried to tell her we’d be getting a present for a little boy or girl who would need it.  She was very excited and told me she wanted to choose Emerson’s name off the tree. (a girl in her class =)  I eventually managed to explain that it was not someone we knew, but someone that wouldn’t be getting a lot for Christmas, so we were going to help them.  We went to Target together and she very enthusiastically helped me find just the right Cars toys for the little boy.  She kept insisting we needed to take it right to him then.  “We are the deliverers!  We take the toys to all the children!”  So I guess we’ll be making a special trip to school tomorrow to deliver Mater and the other things. =)


While Serenity was at school, I played Jingle Bells on the hand bells for Donovan.  Big smiles!  He seems to be adding consonants to his vocabulary today.  He was all about the D’s and T’s.  So so cute. =)  We danced around to Christmas music all day.  Such a wonderful day!  Then we got to visit with Aunt Jan.  Yay!! =)

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  • patricia

    The scrapbook page is adorable! I love how you incorporated the text in there! It’s a very pretty color! I especially love the penguin page number older! Such a cool touch!