December 12th: Eric’s Birthday!

by Chrissie Wainright on December 12th, 2011
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December 12, 2011

Today was Eric’s birthday!  We chose Game Night as our activity for the day, of course, and I got Sequence States and Capitols in honor of the occasion.  Eric and Serenity got in a quick game before work, and another when Daddy got home.  She was too funny, narrating her moves.  “She stared at her cards… and then played Michigan!!!  Here’s a token for being a good job.”  And then he and I played twice after the kids were in bed.  Such fun!

We surprised Eric at his office with some birthday fun.  When I asked Serenity what she thought Daddy wanted for his birthday, she said a ball.  I thought she was right =)  So we got him a piñata and I filled it with bouncy balls.  We got the kind that you can pull the strings on, and he and Serenity took turns and manage to pick the one that opens the piñata on the very last try!  It was awesome when all the balls came bouncing out!  To complete his birthday theme, we got him Perplexus Epic for a present, which seems to be very addictive.  =)  Happy happy birthday!

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  • Great minds and whatnot as I believe someone at my house is getting one of those gifts too. Oh, and we love the kids sequence so should try that one next! Happy birthday to Eric!